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Title: 「多元快樂來源量表」之編製
The Multifacet of Happiness
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2012
Publisher: 中國測驗學會
Abstract: 目前既有的快樂量表能提供人們快樂情緒程度的指標,但籠統的數值無從區別快樂情緒的類型,使得深入探討快樂的心理現象不易開展。本研究希望能發展一個涵蓋多元快樂經驗,且從經驗發生頻率、帶來快樂感受的強度,與快樂持續的時間等三個向度來評量快樂的量表,以強化目前在快樂測量上的不足。本研究利用自編的「多元快樂來源量表」,針對565位不同年齡的受測者進行施測,經因素分析獲得11個不同因素,可視為不同的快樂類型。該量表內部一致性係數為 .92。此外,針對不同對象探討本量表的區別效度發現,不同宗教信仰、靜坐經驗和年齡層的受試者,在不同的量表向度上有顯著差異,支持本量表的區別效度。
The existing scales of happiness can only indicate the level of happiness rather than identifying the types of happiness, which has impeded the current research on happiness as a psychological phenomenon. To overcome such disadvantage in the existing scales, the present study developed the Scale of Multiple Happiness encompassing three dimensions of happy experiences: the occurrence frequency, the level of happiness, and the duration of feeling happy. The scale was later administered to 565 participants from different age groups. The factor analysis resulted in eleven factors, reflecting different types of happiness. The coefficient of the internal consistency is .92. Moreover, participants with different religious beliefs, meditation experiences, and ages revealed significant differences in the dimensions of the scale, which supports the discriminant validity of the scale.
ISSN: 1609-4905
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0201_01_065
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