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Title: 運動與快樂
Sports and Happiness
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 臺灣身體文化學會
Abstract: 本文分析作為一種情緒類型的快樂,以及快樂的種類,並透過教育部重編國語辭典,分析快樂相關字、詞與成語中的快樂現象,發現近代西方心理學自提倡正向心理學研究之後,在實證研究上對於快樂是從主觀幸福感演變到真實的快樂,雖然在快樂的相關理論上更進一步,不過對照佛學修行所追求的真樂境界,真實的快樂理論並無法涵蓋甚受儒釋道哲學影響的華人心理。近年來,透過對僧侶的腦波研究,則確認快樂有比心理學理論更為複雜的樣貌,在運動與快樂的關係上,本文經由自編多元快樂量表針對565位不同年齡的受測者進行施測,在項目分析時發現,從事激烈的運動與整個量表相關過低,以致於無法通過一般項目分析的標準;但從事動態的休閒活動卻與整體量表相關達一定水準,對照該量表所得到的因素,可以初步瞭解運動對人的酬賞,與人們生命中的快樂經驗並不相同,本文稱運動所帶來的愉悅經驗為運動快感。
The purpose of this study is to analyze "happiness" as a form of emotion as well as the types of happiness. By making reference to the definition of happiness in the dictionary edited by the Ministry of Education and the words and phrases related to happiness, it is discovered that the empirical research on positive psychology being promoted in Western psychology indicates that happiness is the subjective sense of joy evolving towards realistic happiness. Despite the efforts on happiness-related theories, the theory of authentic happiness does not really cover the Chinese mentality that is deeply influenced by Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism when compared to the state of "sukha" in the Buddhist practice. Recent studies on monks' brain-waves verified that happiness is more complex than it is explained in psychological theories. Regarding the relationship between sports and happiness, the Diverse Happiness Scale we devised was implemented on 565 subjects of different ages, and the analysis shows that the correlation between intense sports and the entire Scale is too low to pass the criteria point. However, dynamic recreational activities are correlated with the Scale to a certain degree. By examining the factors yielded by the Scale, we gained an initial understanding that the rewards of sports perceived by people are different from the happiness that people experience in their lives. The joyful experience brought forth by sports is referred to as "kinesthetic happiness" in this study.
ISSN: 1994-1900
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