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Title: 創意教學對國中二年級學生英語學習焦慮的影響之初探
A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Creative English Language Teaching on Learning Anxiety of 2nd Year of Junior High School Students�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2012
Publisher: 大葉大學通識教育中心
Abstract: 本論文旨在探討創意教學法融入英語課程教學對英語學習焦慮的影響。以準實驗教學為研究方法,研究對象為中部縣市某國中二年級二班男女學生,共計60人。分為實驗組採用創意教學融入英語課程,與對照組採用一般英語教學流程各組皆為30位學生。初期實驗進行為期五週的課程,而實驗組與對照組之任課教師、英語教材、上課節數皆相同。在實驗教學之前與後,皆施以「英語學習焦慮」量表,收集前、後測之數據,以描述性統計了解所有受試者在「英語學習焦慮」量表的得分情形,且以獨立樣本單因子共變數分析實施實驗課程前、後的差異情形。本文結果為:(1)兩種教學方式下,國中生的英語學習焦慮程度呈現出差異;(2)對照組在英語學習焦慮程度的前後測結果上有差異,且實驗組學習焦慮程度平均數明顯低於對照組;(3)實驗組在英語學習焦慮程度的溝通分構面上也有呈現差異;(4)創意教學法融入英語教學是可顯著降低英語學習焦慮度,且增進英語學習成效。最後,研究結果及實驗教學設計,將提供往後對創意教學有興趣之英語教師、家長及未來研究者參考,使其更瞭解創意教學於國中英語課程之應用與成效。
The purpose of this five-week quasi-experiment preliminary study was to understand the effect of Creative English Language Teaching on learning anxiety of 2nd year of junior high school students. The participants were 60 2nd year students of a junior high school located in central Taiwan. All participants were divided into two groups: i.e. experimental group(N=30)using Creative English Language Teaching and control group(N=30)using Traditional Teaching. The teacher, textbook, and learning period of these two groups remained the same. The measurement was used in this preliminary study, which included English learning anxiety scale. The pre-post test method was used. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and ANCOVA.The results of this preliminary study showed that(a)the degree of learning anxiety of 2nd year students differed from these two teaching methods;(b)there was difference in English learning anxiety of the control group in pre-post test. Besides, the mean score of English learning anxiety of the experimental group was significantly lower than the control group;(c)there was a significant difference in English learning anxiety of the experimental group in pre-post test (the aspect of communicative fear);(d)Creative English Language Teaching can significantly reduce the degree of English learning anxiety and improve the English learning achievement.Finally, the results and the quasi-experiment design of this preliminary study will provide suggestions for English teachers, parents, and related researchers. Also, this study will make them better understand the application and effectiveness of creative English language teaching in junior high schools.
ISSN: 2071-3673
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