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Title: 台灣國小學童至漮體適能與視力、口腔、體位之相關性研究
Contributions of Health-Related Physical Fitness to the Health of Vision, Oral, and Body Weight among Taiwanese Elementary School Students
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2011
Publisher: 臺北市健康生活與成功老化學會
Abstract: 多數研究均認為健康體適能有助於改善人類的健康,然而,極少研究將健康體適能對健康指標之影響量化,因此,本研究運用兩個大型資料庫,探討國小學童健康體適能與視力、口腔、體位之關係。方法:本研究資料取自96學年度台灣體適能資料庫及台灣學校衛生資料庫之國小層級資料,運用典型相關統計方法探討健康體適能5項測驗(坐姿體前彎、一分鐘屈膝仰臥起坐、立定跳遠、三分鐘登階、800/1600公尺跑走)和3個健康指標(齲齒率、視力不良率、正常體位率)之關係。結果:兩個典型相關係數均達統計顯著差異,第一個典型相關係數為.287(Wilks Λ=.89, F=4.05, p<.001),第二個為.168(Wilks Λ=.97, F=2.20, p=.025),視力不良率、正常體位率與兩個典型相關係數具高度相關,而齲齒率則否,5項健康體適能測驗可解釋3個健康指標總變異量的11%。結論:台灣地區的國民小學學生的健康體適能與視力健康、健康體位具顯著相關。
The significance of health-related physical fitness in improving health has been supported. Few studies were designed to explore the contributions of health-related physical fitness to elementary students' health. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between health-related physical fitness and the health of vision, oral and body weight among Taiwanese elementary school students. Methods: Data were collected from the Taiwan Health-Related Physical Fitness Database (THRPFD) and Taiwan School Health Policies and Programs Survey Database (TSHPPS) in 2007 academic year. Of all the elementary schools (n=2654), 56.8% schools (n=1506) had completed data uploading in THRPFD and 77.0% for TSHPPS. Canonical correlation examined relationship between five measures of health-related physical fitness (sit-ups completed in 60s, standing long jump, sit and reach, 800 walk, body mass indicators) and three health indicators (the health of vision, oral and body weight). Results: Two significant factors were revealed. Factor one was .287 (Wilks Λ=.89, F=4.05, p<.001), and factor two was .168 (Wilks Λ=.97, F=2.20, p=.025). The rates of myopia and ideal body weight showed relatively high loadings on two canonical factors, but not for caries rate. The two canonical factors of fitness accounted for 11% variance of the three health indicators. Conclusion: The findings suggest health-related physical fitness is significantly associated with vision health and weight management in children on school level in Taiwan.
ISSN: 2076-5495
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0608_01_045
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