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Title: 大學生校園音環境覺知、態度、需求與行為之研究
The Sound Environmental Awareness, Attitude, Demand, Behavior and Related Factors of the Universities
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2007
Publisher: 中華民國學校衛生學會
Abstract: 為了解大學生對校園音環境覺知、態度、需求及行為傾向,本研究以自編結構式問卷對十所大學共2462位學生進行問卷訪查,結果顯示大部分學生皆有察覺校園音環境的能力,但對於態度、需求、行為傾向上,則仍待加強。在學校背景因素的比較上發現東、北部學生覺知、態度較中、南部學生高,位於郊區者較市區學生積極,鄰近農林風景區者優於近工商住宅學校學生。而校園設置上,則以無噪音、綠美化、混合式的建築設計最有助於學生體驗校園音環境,於學生特質上,則以一年級新生及曾參與音環境相關課程者採行音環境行為意願較高。根據研究結果,建議校方可依自身地理位置配合校內環境規劃,發展各校不同特色之音環境,也可融入通識課程,或舉辦音環境相關活動,以提升學生音環境素養。
In order to find out the sound environmental awareness, attitude, demand, behavioral aptitude of college students, this study conducts the questionnaire interview with 2462 college students from ten universities by using the self-designed questionnaire. The result shows that most of the students hold the ability to perceive the campus sound environment, but their behavior, demand and behavioral aptitude toward sound environment are still waiting to be improved. Besides, students from the universities located in north Taiwan, East Taiwan, suburb areas, farming or resort areas, and areas with abundant cultural resources tend to be more active regarding their overall performance toward sound environment. Concerning the pattern of the campus, those campuses with fewer noises, green environment and compound architecture building benefit the students more in experiencing the campus sound environment. Regarding the students' personal attributes, the freshmen and those students who had participated in related sound environment courses before are more willing to enroll in experiencing sound environment. From the above findings, we suggest the universities administration to formulate the campus environment according to the school's geographic location. Also, in order to extend the students' accomplishment toward sound environment, the schools are encouraged to develop variety sound environment, to combine sound environment into general education courses, or to organize several activities that are related to sound environment.
ISSN: 1561-8137
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