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Title: 以健康信念模式分析醫院護理人員下背痛預防行為及其相關因素之研究
The Study of the Low Back Pain Preventive Behaviors and Its Related Factors of Hospital Nurses--Apply Health Belief Model
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學衛生教育學系 衛生教育研究所
Abstract: 本研究目的主要是偶健康信念模式分析醫院護理人員之下背痛預防行為及其相關因素,以提供日後進行教育介入參考。本研究採橫斷式調查研究設計,經由焦點團體法篩選出重、顯著之健康信念,作為問卷發展之依據,以臺北市立八家醫院之全體護理人員為對象,其後於91年3~4月間以自填式問卷方式進行施測,得有效樣本2034名,回收率90.5%。研究之重要結果如下: 一、護理人員罹患下背痛比率為61.6%,比例偏高。其年盛行率、月盛行率、週盛行率分別為42.4%、19.8%、14.3%。 二、不同社會人口學變項會影響護理人員之健康信念、行動線索、下背痛預防行為及傾向。 三、在健康信念方面,發「下背痛動障礙認知」、「規律運動」與「行動線索」對護理人員下背痛預防行為的解釋力最大;「下背痛行動障礙認知」對預防下背痛行為傾向的解釋力最大。 四、健康信念模式用來解釋下背痛預防行為,達到30.1%變異量的解釋力,對預防下背痛行為傾向之解釋力則有26.4%的變異量。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the factors associated with nurses’ low back pain preventive behaviors, served as a reference of intervention program training. At first, we constituted a focus group to screen important brief for constructing questionnaire, then investigated 2034 nurse in 8 Taipei municipal hospitals from March to April in 2002. The main findings were as follows: 1.Thie life prevalence rate of nurses’ low back pain is 61.6%, the year prevalence rate is 42.4%, the month prevalence rate is 19.8% and the week prevalence rate is 14.3%. 2.The demographic variables affect the health beliefs, cues to actions, low back pain preventive behaviors and intention. 3.Amomg health beliefs, the “perceived barriers” and “cues to action” have the most influences on the low back pain preventive behaviors, and the “perceived barriers” also have an impact on the intention of low back pain preventive behaviors. 4.The Health Belief Model components can apply to nurses’ low back pain preventive behaviors and expound 30.1% variations. In addition, they can expound 26.4% variations towar5d the behaviors intention.
ISSN: 1023-9812
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0607_01_021
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