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Title: 建構遠距居家照護模式-第二型糖尿病個案自我健康照顧行為及糖化血色素之介入成效研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究以第二型糖尿病個案為對象,主要目的旨在建構遠距居家照護服務模式,藉由行動數據網路(GPRS)無線傳輸技術,將個案的血糖、血壓生理訊號即時傳輸至雲端健康照護平台,期待本研究能使糖尿病個案提升其自我健康照顧行為能力,糖化血色素值獲得改善進而提高其健康生活品質。 本研究期程一年。首先建置「遠距居家照護系統」,再實施「遠距居家照護服務模式」,個案量測血壓血糖後,其生理訊號藉由行動數據網路(GPRS)無線傳輸至雲端健康照護平台,當個案量測生理數值異常時,雲端健康照護平台會立即自動發出簡訊通知個案管理師,並立即進行回饋,訂定符合個人需求之行動策略,如以電話關懷、提供用藥諮詢、運動飲食建議及異常處理。研究對象以立意取樣選取符合條件且有意願的個案,隨機分配至實驗組及控制組各50人,預計收案100人。研究設計採「準實驗研究設計」,進行6個月的遠距居家照護服務模式介入,控制組則接受糖尿病共同照護網衛教。本研究於介入後第4個月進行期中測量及第7個月進行後測,以了解介入之整體成效。遠距居家照護模式能促進個案自我照顧與延伸健康促進面向之功能,透過雲端健康照護及時監控個案生理數據,提供立即性的衛生教育與關懷服務,可做為未來國家健康政策上的重要實證依據,更能據此有效提升個案自我健康照顧行為及改善糖化血色素值,進而提升其健康生活品質。
The purpose of the study is to examine the effectiveness of a tele-home care system on diabetic self care. One hundred adult diabetic patients will be recruited from a community hospital in New Taipei city. A tele-home care system will be incorporated into the daily care program in the experimental group of 50 patients. A Cloud Computing Technologies of healthcare platform designed for information storage and exchange will be constructed and monitored by health care case managers. Comprehensive care instructions and in-time consultation in case of abnormalities will be provided. Immediate telephone follow up will proceeded if patients failed to respond to the coordination center for consecutive 3 days. The patients in control group will adopt conventional care program. Self care questionnaires will be completed by both groups before and after the study. HbA1c of all participants will be measured before the experiment and at 4 months and 7 months after. The results of the study will be valuable for decision making regarding governmental policy toward telecare service application.
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