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Title: 運用組織介入及行為改變階段策略促進工作場所員工心血管疾病預防行為實驗研究(II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2001
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究係以行動研究法,目的在於運用組織介入策略,期待透過雇主、員工的共同參與,強化職場「健康促進委員會」的組織運作功能,由產生的主動力並善用行為改變階段策略來共同設計、發展及執行適性的工作場所心血管疾病預防計畫。研究對象為一所成立僅一年半的中大型半導體公司,在得到共識及成立含11 位成員的「健康促進委員會」後,展開「組織描述分析與診斷」、「職場員工健康問題與需求評估」、「擬定『健健康康.美麗人生』健康促進計畫」、「執行計畫」的介入過程。由質性資料結果顯示,健康的覺察在現有職場是相當弱化與表淺的,走過研究歷程後,委員會成員及員工部分對職場關切健康事務都持肯定態度,而要讓健康促進計畫能永續於職場中落實,是有待從「人」對健康的覺察教育開始,也才能在內、外環境巨大的變化和衝擊下,仍具充權感來維護個人及推動職場的健康事務。
The study was an action research with organization intervention strategy to empower all members of the company through the process of development of a health promotion committee, and to implant a worksite cardiovascular disease prevention program with “stage of change” behavioral change strategies. The setting was a one and half-year old medium size semiconductor company. The action research started with informing the purposes of this program and forming a health promotion committee of 11 members of the company, followed by “Organizational description, analysis and diagnosis”, “Assessment of workers’ health problems and needs”, “Planning of Healthy&Beautiful Life health promotion program” and ended up with “Implementation of Healthy&Beautiful Life health promotion program.” The qualitative data of the research showed that the health awareness of members in this worksite was quite weak and superficial. However, after the whole intervention program, members of health promotion committee and all other workers held positive attitude toward the worksite health promotion program. From the perspective of substantial development of worksite health promotion program, humanistic-health and life awareness education is needed to empower every individual to stand for his health and create healthy atmosphere under the great impact of constant social and organizational change.
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