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Title: 國民中學健康教學者的工作狀態與健康相關生活品質之關係探討
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2007
Publisher: 臺北市 : 臺灣公共衛生學會
Abstract: 目標:本研究針對國民中學之健康教學者進行工作狀態與健康情形關係之探討。 方法:由94學年度教育部訂定健康促進學校中,扣除無健康相關專業者之特教學校外,共65所國民中學之健康教學者為研究對象進行調查, 主要參考工作需求-控制-社會支持模式 (JDCS; Job Demand-Control-Social support Model) 編製「健康教學者工作狀態及其對健康生活品質調查問卷」,共得756份有效問卷,回收率為71.12%。 結果:(1) 研究對象在工作狀態上,工作控制得分最高,總平均為3.70分 (SD=0.37);工作需求最低,總平均為2.76分 (SD=0.51)。在健康生活品質的整體感受屬中等滿意程度。(2) 工作需求與健康生活品質呈中度負相關 (r=-.326, p<0.01);工作控制與社會支持皆與健康生活品質呈低度正相關 (r=.248, p<0.01)。(3) 工作需求、工作控制、社會支持對於健康生活品質具有顯著的預測力 (解釋變異量15.2%,p<0.05)。 結論:強化同事的社會支持;適當的工作分配量,提供時間管理技巧,以減低教師的工作需求;依教學者需求提供在職訓練及新資訊;喚起 對多元工作任務的覺察;及提升對自我健康的重視等,皆能有效提升國中健康教學者之健康生活品質。
Objective: This study aims to develop a Questionnaire on Working Status and Health Condition of Health Educators in Junior High Schools based on the Job Demand-Control-Social support model. A secondary objective is to understand the relation between working status and health. Method: A total of 765 health educators, from 65 health promoting schools appointed by the Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2005, participated (response rate of 71%). Results: Respondents rated job control (MEAN score=3.70, SD=0.37) as the highest item of work status and job demand (MEAN=2.76, SD=0.51) as the lowest. The overall perception of health-related quality of life was rated as “partially satisfied”. Job demand was negatively associated with health-related quality of life (r=-.326, p<0.01), while job control and social support were positively associated with health-related quality of life (r=.248, p<0.01). Job demand, job control, and job support were statistically significant correlates of health-related quality of life and accounted for 15.2% (p<0.05) of variance. Conclusion: Promoting the health-related quality of life of health educators in junior high schools may be achieved by decreasing the perception of job demands, strengthening social support between colleagues, distributing suitable work loads, and providing skills for time management. Additional contributors may include providing on-job training and new information based on the needs of educators, arousing the awareness of multiple work tasks, and enabling educators to pay more attention to their own health.
ISSN: 1023-2141
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