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Title: 學習導向的教育領導:最佳實務建立、現況實徵分析與增能課程發展之研究,-學習導向之教師領導:增能課程發展之研究
Teacher Leadership for Learning: a Study of Ciurriculum Development
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Abstract: 學習導向領導是領導研究的新領域,教師如何發揮影響力,改善教育實務,進而促 進學生學習,實為一重要的議題。本研究旨在發展學習導向教師領導的增能課程, 為達此目的,本計畫擬以目前國內推動的教學輔導教師為教師領導者,進行三年研 究。第一年針對教學輔導教師與學習導向領導的角色、專業能力與需求進行分析, 以作為增能課程發展的需求評估。第二年針對教學輔導教師課程的規劃與試作,並 進行過程評估。第三年則針對教學輔導教師增能課程的成果進行評估,包括對教師 行為的改變、對學生學習的影響以及其他影響增能課程結果的因素。本研究採取訪 談、問卷、觀察與文件分析等方法,希望能發展出學習導向教學輔導教師增能課程 的模式與建議,並提供教育主管機關及學校規劃教學輔導制度的參考。
Leadership for learning has been emphasized in the field of education. Teacher leadership for learning is also an essential issue for improving school practices and students‘outcomes. The purpose of this study is to develop an evidenced-based curriculum for mentors as teacher leaders. To achieve the goal, this study plans to conduct a three-year research. The first year of the study is to analyze mentors’roles, competencies, and needs for curriculum. The results will be used for curriculum development. The second year of the study is to design and pilot the curriculum while a process evaluation is conducted during the curriculum implementation. The last year of the study is to track the outcomes of the curriculum, including mentors’ learning, influence on their interrelationship with peers and students’leaning outcomes. To collect the data needed, the study will conduct interviews, surveys, document analysis, and observations. Finally, the study will provide a curriculum model for mentors, and offer suggestions for schools and educational authorities to plan for a sound mentors’system.
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