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Title: 學習導向的教育領導:最佳實務建立、現況實徵分析與增能課程發展之研究-學習導向的縣市輔導團教師領導:增能課程發展之研究
Teacher Leadership for Learning of Local Compulsory Education Advisory Groups: a Study of Empowering Curriculum Development
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Abstract: 近年來各國的教育改革都致力於增進學生學習,使其具備一定的學習能力以因應迅 速變遷的世界趨勢,同時也能符合未來的社會需求。本研究主要係探討學習導向之領 導,著重促進學習、或追求學校進步為目的的領導又稱做學習領導(leadership for learning)。聚焦於我國縣市輔導團教師增能試作課程之發展,文獻探討首先對於學習導 向的領導趨勢、概念及相關理論深入評述分析,再綜述國內外相關研究及計畫,進而剖 析台灣各縣市輔導團教師,其扮演領導教師的角色,具提供專業支持的任務,對於促進 學校教師的學習,以提升學習成效之概況。此外,由於本研究係整合型計畫,其與另一 子計畫「學習導向的縣市輔導團教師領導最佳實務建立與現況實徵分析」雙軌並行,促 使所研發的增能課程發揮實質之影響力,體現理論與實踐的辯證發展。本研究之方法使 用文件分析、焦點團體訪談、問卷調查、個別訪談及觀察等進行蒐集資料,主要達成之 目的為探討學習導向的縣市輔導團教師領導知能、專業需求,分析學習導向的領導增能 課程之目的、內涵及實施方式,研擬學習導向的領導增能課程進行試作,再根據試作結 果修正試作課程,作為研發推廣課程之參考。
In recent years, the goal of educational reform is to enhance the learning of students every country. Such effort does not only have a particular ability of learning to cope with the rapidly changing world trends, but also can meet the future needs of society. The goals of this study are to emphasize learning-oriented leadership, focus on promoting learning, and pursuit the targeted leadership of school progress that is known as ‘Leadership for Learning (LFL)’. This study will examine the LFL of the empowered practice curriculum development of local compulsory education advisory groups. The researcher will review relative literature to collect information about the trends, conceptions, and related theories of learning –oriented leadership. In addition, national and international research and projects will be reviewed. Moreover, through analyzing the local compulsory education advisory groups in Taiwan, this study will report the played roles, tasks of professional supports, promoting school teachers’learning, and increasing the effectiveness of leaning of groups. This study is one of sub-projects of the integrated program and it will be conducted with another sub-project " Leadership for Learning of local compulsory education advisory groups to establish best practices and empirical analysis of the status " on dual-track. Both sub-project studies are to promote the integrated research and developing the programs that will increase the influences of reflecting on the theory and practice of dialectical development. The research method of this study includes document analysis, focus group interviews, questionnaires, individual interviews and observation to collect data. The expectations of this study are to (1) discuss the LFL of the empowered practice curriculum development and professional needs; (2) analyze the goals, content and implementation approaches of the leadership of the empowered practice curriculum development; and (3) design a practical learning-oriented empowered curriculum. Based on such discussion, analysis and design, the researcher will revise the practical curriculum and apply it as the basis of further extended curriculum.
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