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Title: 協同改進而生的矛盾:中學-大學夥伴關係的轉化與再生
Contradictions Derived from Collaboration: Transformations and Regenerations Through University-School Partnership in Remote Schools
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立教育研究院籌備處
Abstract: 自1980年代以來,學校-大學夥伴關係已成為實務與理論彼此互惠的代名詞,此合作形式也常被視為學校改進的萬靈丹。也因此自2008年開始,國立臺灣師範大學教育評鑑與發展研究中心便發起「學校全面發展計畫」,期透過相關工具進行評鑑、診斷、計畫、改進四者循環之模式,以協助中學進行自我評鑑並不斷地成長發展。為探究兩端合作關係的轉化與再生,本文擬運用Engeström的活動理論來分析在同一個目標下,中學與大學兩個活動系統產生了何種互動形式與相互矛盾。研究發現在此夥伴關係中,大學端存在著研究團隊與分工形式相互協調的本質矛盾;中學端則存在著外在規範與發展工具的本質矛盾。此外,也因此兩活動系統對於該計畫的詮釋與認知差異,導致此夥伴關係對於啟動學校自我改善動能的效益實屬有限。本文目的乃是希冀藉由兩年的經驗,能為未來研究與國內各種形式的學校-大學夥伴關係提供參考。
Since the 1980, university-school partnership has become a synonym of combining theory and practice, one that is regarded as a panaceum for school improvement. Hence, the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation (CERE) of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in 2008 set up a project called “Evaluation for Systemic School Development (EFSSD)”. The EFSSD project was expected to help schools by raising their capacity of identifying and defining school problems and then developing action plans for improvement. A model of cyclic actions of evaluating-diagnosing-planning-improving (EDPI) was adopted for facilitating sustainable improvement. In order to investigate transformation and regeneration in this partnership, this paper drew on the Activity Theory proposed by Engeström as the theoretical framework to examine collaborations and interactions taking place in the joint enterprise of school improvement. According to the the findings, the inner contradictions in the university were the fragementation of two research teams and the incoordination within division; the inner contradictions in schools were different external expectations and the inutility of action plans. In addition, the divergent perception and interpretation of the object in this project also had limited effects on school self-improvement. The purpose of this study was to provide a basis for further research and university-school partnership in Taiwan through two-year project.
ISSN: 1816-6504
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