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Title: 教師工作的性別垂直隔離
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2006
Publisher:  國立臺北教育大學
Abstract: 本文探究的焦點有四:首先,說明英國、美國及台灣中小學教師工作的性別垂直隔離情形;其次,比較在教育領域中,男性領導者與女性領導者的社會性差異;第三,剖析教師工作性別垂直隔離的原因;最後,提出教師工作性別垂直隔離的改進之道:(1)加強性別平等教育,去除性別角色刻板印象,(2)培養兼具兩性特質的個體,(3)倡導男性應多操持家務、照顧小孩的社會觀念與風氣,(4)建立完善的支持及照顧系統,(5)鼓勵女教師加入教師組織,並勇於發聲。
This paper is composed of four parts. First, it describes the situation of teacher work’s vertical segregation by gender in secondly and primary schools in the United Kingdom, United States, and Taiwan. Second, it compares social differences of male leaders vs. female leaders in the educational area. Third, it analyzes the possible reasons of teacher work’s vertical segregation by gender. Finally, it puts forward five solutions about teacher work’s vertical segregation by gender, including: (1) to enhance the gender equity education in order to get rid of gender stereotypes; (2) to cultivate the individuals with both manhood and womanhood; (3) to advocate the social idea and custom that men need to do housework and take care of children more frequently; (4) to establish a good supporting and caring system; and (5) to encourage female teachers to join teacher organizations and bravely express their opinions for themselves.
ISSN: 1817-1516
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