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Title: 台灣學生對不同語族及其語言刻板印象之相關研究(II)
A Study on Stereotypes of Ethnic Students in Taiwan toward Different Ethnic Groups and Their Languages
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討九年一貫課程改革,學校語言生態多樣化的脈絡下,學生對不同語 族及其語言刻板印象的情形,並進一步建構可以減低學生對不同語族及其語言刻板印象 甚或語言偏見的微觀或鉅觀方案。為了達成研究目的,本研究擬分二年二階段,透過文 獻探討、訪談、焦點團體訪談、問卷調查、比較法、以及夥伴學校的交流對話等方式進 行探究。本研究擬探討的問題有如下五項,亦即九年一貫課程改革與實施後: (一)、大學生與國中學生對不同語族及其語言的刻板印象甚或偏見的情形為何? (二)、大學生與國中學生對不同語族及其語言的刻板印象甚或偏見的形成原因、歷 程與影響因素為何? (三)、大學生與國中學生兩者之間對不同語族及其語言的刻板印象甚或偏見的情形 是否不同?有何差異? (四)、大學生與國中學生對不同語族及其語言的刻板印象甚或偏見的形成原因、歷 程與影響因素是否不同?有何差異? (五)、可以減低學生對不同語族及其語言刻板印象的方案,如何在教育理想與實務 現場上加以整全建構?
The major purpose of this study is going to investigate the stereotypes of ethnic students in Taiwan toward different ethnic groups and their languages, the influential factors, as well as how to develop a comprehensive approach of stereotype/prejudice reduction program for junior-high schools. The research will adopt both qulitative and quantatative approaches. Data derived from literature review, individual interview, focus group interview, partner school visit, and questionnaire survey will provide significant information to answer the related research questions. The prospective research findings from this study will include the following: (1) a thorough review of relevant literature about the issues of ethnic stereotypes/prejudices, influential factors, and related program development; (2) a clear picture of college and junior-high students’stereotypes/prejudices toward different ethnic groups and their languages; (3) a detailed analysis of the influential factors on students’stereotypes/prejudices; (4) a comprehensive understanding on the comparisons of differences and similarities of stereotypes/prejudices and influential factors between college students and junior-high students; and (5) a prospective program development of stereotype/prejudice reduction for schools.
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