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Title: 我國中小學師資培育現況、政策與展望
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Publisher:  國立教育研究院籌備處
Abstract: 我國為符應民主開放的社會發展,提升師資素質,已於1994年通過〈師資培育法〉,隨後1995年通過〈教師法〉,然而隨著多元化師資培育政策施行,師資儲備人員擴增、再加上當前社會面臨少子化趨勢、師資需求數量緊縮,使得原本中小學師資培育政策面臨重大的挑戰。於是教育部近年來積極展開一連串的師資培育改革政策,以期能有效改善並提升師資培育的「質」與「量」,落實「優質適量」、「保優汰劣」的目標,本文乃就我國近年來中小學師資培育數量的現況、職前教育政策(含教育實習)、教師資格檢定考試、教師在職進修機制等方面加以探究,並展望我國未來中小學師資培育政策方向,俾供參考。
In Taiwan, in order to support social development of evolutional democracy and to improve teacher quality, the “Teacher Education Act” was passed by Ministry of Education in 1994, then “Teachers’ Act” was passed in 1995. However, they produced the following results: diversification of channels of teacher education, augmentation of reserve teachers, impact of low fertility rates, low demand for teachers, and so on. The Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education Policy faced the biggest challenge. Recently, the Ministry of Education initiated a series of progressive policies for efficacy education and expects to improve the quality and quantity of teachers efficaciously. The targets are “less quantity and more quality”, “protect the superior, and eliminate the inferior”. In this article, the authors concerning the explore the current situation and policy in Taiwan quantity of teacher education for elementary and secondary school, pre-service education (including teaching practice), teacher certification, in-service education, and try to provide future directions for elementary and secondary teacher education policy in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1816-6504
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