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Title: 一國兩「制」?從「一綱多本」與「一綱一本」論爭探討台美教師對課程發展與教材設計的不同解讀
Different Interpretations of Curriculum and Textbooks from K-9 Teachers in Taiwan and the U.S.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 國家教育研究院
Abstract: 教科書在臺灣一向被大多數老師視為教學的主要工具,相反的, 美國教育現場不但對教科書的功能有較為不同的定義,在教材及評量 方式上,美國教師亦握有相當大的自主權。由於上述不同作法,不同 國家乃衍生不同的教育問題:在臺灣有關「一綱多本」或「一綱一本」 的論爭始終是熱門話題;在美國有關如何提升課程品質以及探討老師 素質是否足以勝任培養學生基本能力等績效方面的議題,則是這一波 「有教無類法案」教改運動主要關注的重點。因此本文企圖先以課程 教學研究的觀點針對兩國對「考試」、「課程」、「教材」的不同解讀方 式進行論述比較,再回到臺灣當前有關「一綱多本」教科書論爭的議 題進行探討,最後則分析美國在「教師專業成長」的特色,並說明哪 些作法可供臺灣借鏡。結語處則以實踐專業自主的觀點切入,說明為 了達成「多元化教育」的教改理想,在教師層級、考試層級以及教科 書編審層級皆應發揮各自專業角色以利轉化工作之進行。本文最後亦 認為美國教改經驗固然對於臺灣有相當多啟示,但家家有本難唸的 經,臺灣教育工作者應積極尋求自己的解答。
Textbooks are considered as the predominant classroom resource by most K-9 teachers. In particular, several studies have found that teachers in Taiwan are extremely anxious about challenging textual authority. As a result, their teaching is centered on textbooks. Even now educational policy in Taiwan is calling on the use of multiple-texts as supplementary materials along with designated textbooks, teachers still find it difficult to bring themselves to use alternative textbooks. In contrast, American teachers are given more autonomy to decide teaching materials as well as evaluation processes and formats. Yet, their accountability needs to be monitored. This is also the main reason the NCLB law calls for improvement of the teacher quality in the U.S. In the present paper, the author contends that due to different interpretations of “curriculum,” “textbooks,” and “evaluations” in different cultures, we need to learn from each other. However, the key elements for successful teaching in both countries are allowing specialists to exercise autonomy and empowering teachers.
ISSN: 1999-8856
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0114_01_001
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