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Title: 從Aristotle德行倫理學到當代品格教育
From Aristotle's Virtue Ethics to Contemporary Character Education
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Abstract: 隨著九年一貫課程的實施,正式課程中原有「生活與倫理」、「公民與道德」等科目不再存在,代之而起的是融入在七大學習領域、六大議題教育等之中有關倫理或道德的課程與教學,如此一來,道德或倫理教育的品質是否每下愈況、維持不墜或後來居上呢?此外,教育部推動〈品德教育促進方案〉,各縣市政府教育局(處)或各級學校也據此方案進行種種品德教育活動,其中各縣市或各校之間存在許多差異或甚至爭論的地方。有鑑於此,本文首先討論當代品格教育遭遇到的問題與挑戰,隨之闡述Aristotle德行倫理學的重要主張,撥著從Aristotle德行倫理學回應當代品格教育的問題與挑戰,最後闡發前述探究對我國品格教育的啟示。這些啟示包括:考量到任何人多少都要經歷的經驗領域,挑選並協助學習者培養需要的好品格或德行;扣緊人性可能的普遍通性,在情慾、行動與抉擇等層面上賦予各個好品格或德行適當的內涵;品格教育教學主習慣養成與理性教導必須在各種實踐活動中相互融合国;Aristotle德行倫理學在品格意義、品格與人性的關係、品格對理想人生或理想社會之重要性等方面的見解,提供實徵性探究必要的基礎認識,也能補足品格教育實徵性探究上的不足。
With the implementation of Grade 1-9 Curriculum, the previous formal subjects of "Life and Ethics", "Civics and Ethics' exist no longer and are replaced by the instruction and curriculum of ethics or morals infused in "Seven Learning Areas" or "Issue-based Education". Therefore, it is wondered whether the quality of moral education or ethical education is getting worse and worse, maintained or improved. Apart from this, each municipal/county government and schools at all levels carry out various activities of character education in accordance with "Guidelines for Facilitating Character and/or Moral Education Programs" advocated by Ministry of Education. However, many variations or even controversies can be found in these activities of character education. In view of the aforementioned observations, in the beginning, the problems and challenges faced by contemporary character education are discussed in this paper. Next, the vital ideas of Aristotle's virtue ethics are expounded. Then, the responses of Aristotle's virtue ethics to the problems and challenges faced by modern character education are presented. Finally, the inspirations from the above study for character education are elucidated. These inspirations are as follows: taking the fields of experiences which nearly everyone will encounter into consideration, to choose and help learners to cultivate the necessary good characters or virtues; sticking to the possible universal commonalities of human nature, to endow the aspects of desire, choice and action of each good character or virtue with adequate connotations; to combine habituation and rational teaching in the practical activities of teaching in character education; from the crucial viewpoints put forward by Aristotle's virtue ethics concerning the meaning of character, the relationship between character and human nature, the significance of character for ideal life or ideal society, to supply empirical studies with necessary foundational recognition and to make up for the deficiency of empirical studies in character education.
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