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Title: 因應國中低成就學生教學輔導模式之建置
The Development of Remedial Instruction Model and Supporting Mechanism for Junior-High Low Achievers
Other Titles: 因應國中低成就學生教學輔導模式之建置
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Abstract: 低成就學生之學習改進與能力提升,必須透過有效的補救教學教材與教學策略,來提供適性的學習機會與認知發展;而有效的補救教學策略方案推動,則必須由學校行政層面提供必要的支持系統,來促成教師補救教學知能的成長與補救教學方案的落實。面對當前補救教學實施過程所面臨的各種挑戰,本整合型計畫擬針對國中低成就學生,進行國文與數學之補救教材試用、教學模式發展、學習成效評估,及教師補救教學專業知能提升之督導系統的建立與推動。因此特別邀集校內外教育相關領域與學科專家組成研究團隊,共計三個子計畫,一起進行跨系所、跨領域之合作研究,透過教師教學、學生學習、教師專業學習社群之不同面向的實徵探究與對話討論,來加強對補救教學方案之實務問題的敏銳度與思考層面,期能釐清輔導國中低成就學生學習之相關議題,藉以建構國中國、數低成就學生補救教學之有效策略方案與教師教學輔導機制。期能透過本實徵研究之具體證據與補救教學策略方案之研擬與評估,為國內低成就學生補救教學之推動,提供有效之運作參考模式。
Empirical results have proved that the best way to improve the learning performance and core abilities of low achievers depends on the interplay of effective remedial material and instructions which provide appropriate learning opportunities to facilitate students’ cognitive development. Furthermore, an effective supporting system at school administrative level is required for promoting the teacher professional development in remedial instruction and implementing pedagogical programs. Confronting the challenges of remedial issues in Taiwan, this joint project aims at developing instruction models for low achievers, and evaluating intervention effects by analyzing the learning performance before and after the program implementation. In addition, researchers will construct and promote an on-line teaching supporting system to increase teachers’ professional growth in remedial instruction. This joint project includes three sub-projects executed by the researchers from various education fields. Our cross-disciplinary team will conduct investigations and have reflective dialogues on teaching, learning and professional learning community to help teachers be more sensitive about and understanding of the enactment of the remedial instruction programs. By clarifying learning barriers of the low achievers and constructing effective remedial teaching strategies for Junior-High low achievers as well as administrative supporting system for teachers, researchers attempt to provide evidence-based policy recommendation drawn from the analytical results of this three-year longitudinal collaborative experimentation.
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