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Title: 理想與現實的落差
Other Titles: 偏遠國中實施九年一貫課程的困惑與處境
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2009
Publisher:  國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Abstract: 課程的改革與變動,必須要具體評估其所產生的效益,才能判斷其改革的價值與意義,也才能據以推動進一步的改進與修正。九年一貫課程實施多年以來,雖有許多論文著述檢討九年一貫課程政策及其實務問題,但較少有以實徵評鑑研究確實評估九年一貫課程政策的實際成效與影響者,而有關偏遠地區九年一貫課程實施現況的調查研究,則更是付之闕如。本研究主要透過焦點小組座談方式,分區訪談全省各地偏遠國中教務主任,藉以了解九年一貫課程的實施對偏遠國中的課程實踐所產生的衝擊,及其對學生學習所產生的影響。根據焦點小組座談資料的分析,本文從實務層面所產生的困惑、配套措施所衍生的問題、學生學習所浮現的現象等三個層面,來討論偏遠國中實施九年一貫課程後的處境,藉之反省檢討改革理想與現實產生落差的因素,並提出一些相關改進建言。
After any curriculum change or reform, it is necessary to assess its actual impacts. Based on such assessments, the revision and improvement of the curriculum will then be possible. However, since years of implementation of the Nine-Year Integrated Curriculum, there have been few empirical evaluative studies of its actual effects and influences. By contrast, there have been lots of articles criticizing the reform policy and its consequences. Particularly, there was almost no study concerned with its critical impacts on rural schools. Through focus group interviews with practitioners of rural junior high schools from all over Taiwan, this study tried to understand the effects of the curriculum reform policy on pedagogical practices and student learning. The authors addressed their discovery in terms of doubts in practice, problems of supporting measures, and phenomena of student learning. Furthermore, gaps between reform ideal and pedagogical reality are critically examined, and suggestions for policy evaluation and improvement are also provided.
ISSN: 1028-8708
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