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Title: 原住民學生適應與流失問題
Other Titles: 新竹縣原住民學生的探究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2002
Publisher: 臺東師院原住民教育研究中心
Abstract: 本研究之目的在探討原住民青少年國中學生學校適應及流失問題。本計畫為三年期研究,本研究為第一年度計畫。研究者在新竹縣三所國中選取十三名原住民國中學生為對象,研究對象大多為原住民鄉國小畢業後出外升學者。經由個別晤談,研究者訪問原住民學生以及學校教師,並蒐集學生第一學年學業成績以及出缺序紀錄。資料分析獲得幾個主要發現:1.出外升學原住民學生第一年度主要的適應問題是學習適應,數學及英語學習困難較多;2.家庭社經背景偏低,學業成績和家庭社經地位有關;3.父母教育期望高,但家庭缺乏支持性教育環境;4.家庭結構大致完整,偏差行為與低教育成就可能和家庭問題(如失親或貧窮)有關;5.學校環境中的族群關係大致良好,教師與同儕並無偏見歧視;6.由於原住民家庭文化均以主流文化為主,原住民學生並未因文化差異而在課程教學上適應困難。為了探討出外升學原住民學生後續的發展(留校、轉學或中輟),本研究第二年度將採參與觀察方式,繼續探討外出升學者之學校適應。
The main aim of this research is to explore the problems on school adjustment and attrition of indigenous adolescents. This part of research is the first year work of a longitudinal research project for 3 years. Researcher selects 13 students from three junior high schools at Shinchu County, most of them graduated from indigenous primary schools and enroll high schools outside their hometown. At the very beginning, the researcher interviews all the subjects and the teachers of them individually, and then collects all the learning records of them for the first year, including the academic scores and absent records. After data analyzing, a few main results are concluded as followed: 1.The most serious problem for those indigenous students is academic adjustment, they feel difficult to learn Math and English. 2.The SES of indigenous families is generally low, and their academic achievements have something to do with the SES. 3.Albeit the educational expectation of parents are generally high, but there is not so much support from their family. 4.Generally speaking, the family structures of indigenous students are integrated, so their deviant behaviors and low achievements are probably related to some family problems, such as losing parents or living poverty. 5.The ethnic relationship in schools are generally good. There comes no ethnic bias from their teachers and classmates. 6. Because all the trends of indigenous family cultures are approaching majority group culture, indigenous students are not confused by cultural differences between families and school, which could make them maladjusted on curriculum and instruction. In order to study the development of these indigenous high school students, such as learning success or failure, staying in original schools, transferring to another ones, or dropping out, the participant observation will continually be taken in the second year to explore their school adjustments.
ISSN: 1683-0725
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