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Title: 國民中學教育市場道德遊戲之研究(I)
The Study of Moral Games in Educational Markets in Junior High Schools
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探索國民中學教育市場道德遊戲的現象。教育市場化的潮流已然成形,而且也影響了國民中學的經營。然而,教育市場化,強調學校的自由競爭,並以追求自我利益為目的,其衍生的競爭或對抗行為,有損學校道德志業經營之虞,且可能出現負面的市場力量。因此,學校能信守道德為規範的競爭或對抗行為,會促進教育市場道德遊戲,能確保學校教育道德志業的實現。基於此,所謂教育市場道德遊戲係指:「在教育市場後(準市場),學校在追求利益時,面他校競爭者、家長消費、公民社會理想的需求,所呈現的競爭或對抗行為,仍能信守倫理價值的規則,並受道德意識所引領,據以擬定相關策略。」,能夠驅使市場產生的正面力量。為充分瞭解國民中學教育市場道德遊戲的現象,本研究從其策略、正面力量、抑制機制及催化途徑,來探索寶貴的素材,以為教育體系提出建言。由於大台北地區生活及交通網絡綿密在一起,教育市場行為相當活絡,因此本研究以大台北地區,作為教育市場道德遊戲現象探索的場域。為達到本研究目的,本研究以兩年進行深度的研究。第一年採用採用個案質性研究法,選擇一所以道德目的營為使命的國中進行研究,以利累積本研究的文獻及成果;第二年採用問卷調查法,以利深入瞭解,本研究各種結果的廣泛應用到情境。根據研究結果,本研究提出結論與建議,以供相關人員或機構參考。
This study is to explore the phenomenon of moral games in educational markets in junior high schools. Educational marketization is the trend in educational systems. And it has influenced school management in junior high schools particularly. However, educational marketization emphasizes that schools pursue self-interests and compete with others freely. If school behaviors of competition and confrontation in the processes of pursuing self-interests are ruled by ethical norms, schools can facilitate the games of morality in educational markets and help come true educational ideals. Further speaking, the moral games in educational markets is defined as” when schools pursue self-interests in educational markets, their competitive and confronting behaviors respond to competitors’ pressure, parents’ consumption, and civil society based on ethical norms” , and the strategies derived.” Also, it can provide schools positive force of markets. In order to understand the phenomenon of moral games in educational markets, the study explores the details from its strategies, positive forces, suppressed mechanisms and facilitated approaches. In order to reach the purposes, researchers will complete the study in two years and select junior high schools as samples in Taipei area. The study applies the method of qualitative case study to inquire the phenomenon of games of morality in educational markets in the first year and selects a junior school as an example in Taipei City. Also, the study applies investigative method of questionnaires to explore the related questions and selects all junior high schools in large Taipei Areas as samples. Eventually, the study provides people with conclusions and suggestions according to the research results.
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