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Title: 國民中學後現代學校行政倫理兩難困境解決之路徑分析
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系;國立政治大學統計學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2012
Publisher:  國立教育資料館
Abstract: 本文旨在討論國民中學後現代學校行政兩難困境解決的路徑。後現代學校行政倫理,強調對於普遍規定、普遍規範、統一結構、主流文化、獨大權威的反駁或挑戰,以利避免人性的壓抑及壓迫,它會促進學校的功能,但是它也會衍生個體膨脹的行為,而造成學校的反功能,因而造成諸多批評。有鑑於此,探索抑制兩難困境行為的行動途徑,以確立後現代學校行政倫理價值性,益形重要。為了達到此目的,本研究採用問卷調查法蒐集資料,並透過兩段式抽樣方法進行調查,共抽取105 所學校,寄出2,200 份問卷,有效收回1,196 份,有效回收率達54%。隨後,對於國民中學後現代學校行政倫理的特質、功能、兩難困境及解決途徑,利用線性結構模式進行實證分析,據以提出結論。其中,結論包括,後現代學校行政具有功能性,但是其衍生推卸責任,致使其出現兩難的困境,必須透過領導人與被領導人理解與效力的行動,來解決兩難困境。
Abstract The study is to explore the paths of the resolving strategies of the dilemma of postmodern ethics in school administration in junior high schools. Postmodern ethics in school administration is defined as the challenge of universal rules, unified rules, universal norms, mainstream culture, and totalitarian authority. It will facilitate positive school functions because of the enlightenment of the human repression. On the other hand, it also produces some individuals'self-aggrandized behaviors which facilitate schools'negative functions. That is why postmodern ethics usually are viewed as evil's thought. According to the reasons, it is crucial for people that they realize the dilemma of postmodern ethics in school administration and its resolution in order to avoid people's misunderstanding. In order to reach these purposes, the study uses questionnaire survey to collect data. A two-stage sampling scheme is designed and the sample data is analyzed by fitting the Linear Structural Models. This study selects 105 junior high schools to inquire the purposes Then, the study sends 2,200 questionnaires for school members and the 1,196 questionnaires are effective. Consequently, the effective ratio is 54%. According to the discussions, the study provides people with the conclusions, including: (1) positive function values of postmodern ethics in school administration; (2) the dilemma of postmodern ethics in school administration derived from the behavior ofirresponsibility; (3)the resolution of the dilemma of postmodern ethics in school administration through action of understanding and efficacy.
ISSN: 1024-3058
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