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Title: 二十世紀後期英國教育史研究(1945-2000)
A Study of the History of English Education in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2009
Abstract: 身為十九世紀世界強權的大英帝國,歷經第一、二次世界大戰,戰後美俄代之而 起。1960 年代前殖民地紛紛獨立,再歷經兩次石油危機,以致其政經影響力已不如前, 但在國際事務上仍與美國聯手扮演一定角色。至於教育方面的變化,二次大戰後,是 在1944 年教育法的框架下發展。1960 年代普勞頓報告書改採「兒童中心」的教育理念, 而影響之後初等教育的走向;羅賓斯報告書則促使高等教育的擴張;工黨大力推動綜 合中學,改變了先前的中等教育三分制。然而由於經濟表現失利,於是將教育當成替 罪羔羊,1980 年代遂進行教育改革,1988 年教育改革法頒佈,讓原有架構出現結構性 的變革。本研究即是在「英國近代教育研究(1780-1944)」的基礎上,繼續探討英國二 十世紀後期的教育發展,時間範圍自1945 年至2000 年止,空間限於英格蘭,教育階 段以初等教育、中等教育及高等教育為主。主要目的有三:一、探討英國二十世紀後 期教育制度的發展及其影響因素。二、檢討二十世紀後期英國教育制度變革的利弊得 失。三、尋求英國教育制度可資借鑑之處。
reat Britain became prosperous and established a great empire in the nineteenth century. However, after WorldWar I, and II, her status of super power was replaced by USA and USSR. From the 1960s onwards, owing to the independence of previous colonies and oil crises, UK became weak but still kept her influence on the international affairs. The educational system in England after 1945, was under the structure of 1944 Education Act. During the 1960s, some changes were happened. The ideas of child-centered education was adopted by the Plowden Report, which made the innovation of primary education. The Robbins Report recommended the expansion of higher education. The Labour Party promoted the Comprehensive Schools to replace the tripartite system of secondary education since 1945. Until 1988, Education ReformAct 1988 made a great change. The main purpose of this project is to inquire the development and innovation of educational system in England in the second half of the twentieth century, which was on the basis of the findings of previous research on modern English education(1780-1944) by author. The study adopts historical approach. First-hand and second-hand sources are used. The main contents include the four themes: background, primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Some suggestions will be made.
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