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Title: 陸客來台體驗民主與促進中國大陸民主化可能性之研究
Chinese Tourists' Experience of Democracy When Traveling in Taiwan and the Possibility of Promoting Democratization in Mainland China
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學政治學研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 2008年7月在兩岸關係和緩的情況下, 陸客終於可以來到台灣 進行旅遊。這些陸客透過與台灣民眾的互動、接觸臺灣的政府部門或 公務員、接收臺灣的新聞媒體、參觀具政治意義景點與實際參與政治 活動等政治社會化途徑, 來感受有別於中國大陸的民主、自由與法 治,進而形成一種和平演變。這不但是台灣軟實力的展現,長期來看 更可能有助於大陸的民主化。但由於陸客中多為中產階級與改革開放 後的既得利益者,其政治態度較為保守,加上中國長期的愛國主義宣 傳與陸客來台時間過短,都使得對於中國民主化的效果產生限制,短 期內他們為求社會穩定反而會傾向支持中共政權。然而就長期而言, 本文認為陸客來台對於中國民主化的發展仍是具有實際效果。
In July 2008, since the tension of cross-strait relation was alleviated, Mainland Chinese tourists finally can come to Taiwan for traveling. Through various approaches of political socialization, such as interacting with people in Taiwan, contacting the governmental departments or public officials, observing the media of Taiwan, visiting scenic spots of political significance, and participating in political activities, these visitors can experience the democracy, freedom, and rule of law that is different from that in China, which triggers a kind of peaceful transformation under globalization. It is not only the manifestation of the soft power of Taiwan, but in the long run, also helpful to the democratization of Mainland China. However, since mainland tourists are most the middle class or vested interest group after economic reform, their political attitudes are more conservative. Moreover, both the long-term propagation of patriotism in Mainland China and the short visit of Taiwan have limited the effect on the democratization of Mainland China. In the short run, in order to seek for social stability, they prefer to support the Chinese Communist regime. However, this paper argues that Chinese tourists’ experience of traveling in Taiwan still have real effects on enhancing the development of China’s democratization in the long run.
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