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Title: 大師的足跡
Digital Art Museum of Chen Ching-Jung
Other Titles: 陳景容數位美術館
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Abstract: 近幾年政府極力推動文化資產數位典藏計劃,地方文化機構、博物管與美術館皆積極將館中藏品 數位化並設立網站,也帶動民間的私人博物館、工作室、文化藝術團體紛紛投入數位典藏工作;同時, 藝術創作者也透過數位化與文化資產,再整合網路媒介達到傳播資訊、藝術欣賞、教育及研究的目標。 另外,博物館或美術館的存在價值在於它所蘊含人類智慧與文化的無可取代的科學與人文資產,而數 位美術館的建構使得這些文化資產可以具彈性的保存、詮釋、管理及延伸。本計劃將以此為目標,發 展藝術家個人數位美術館。 陳景容教授現為國立臺灣師範大學美術研究所名譽教授,藝術創作成果斐然,樂於奉獻於教育, 並以傳承藝術為己任,在藝術領域中佔有重要的地位。他在專業上的才華、努力提攜後進的熱誠與推 廣人文藝術的貢獻,值得眾人尊敬與肯定。為了保存、延續並推廣陳景容教授的藝術創作,本計畫由 陳景容藝術文教基金會之典藏機構與臺灣師範大學圖文傳播系所組成的推廣團隊合作,結合網站建置 與主題展示內容設計規劃的方式,將陳景容教授2254件作品,以媒材類別為分類基礎,在兩年計畫期 間依序建置。設立音樂、旅遊、藝教等主題式典藏館,並且建立系統化檢索機制,以整合陳景容數位 美術館典藏內容,同時,主題館的發展,更可以使陳景容數位美術館之內涵更具豐富性,更可以達到 數位美術館永續經營之目標。
The government has promoted cultural assets digital archives programs in recent years. They have digitalized the collections which store in Local culture institution, museum, and fine arts museum. It has not only advanced the development of private museum, studio, and culture arts group; but also lead the art creators joined the digital archives programs urged by government recently. Through settling digital culture asset, then it would achieve the goal of information pass, arts appreciation, education and research. The existing value of museum and fine arts museum is that they include artificial intelligence, irreplaceable science and human asset. The construction of digital museums cause those cultural contents would store, explain, manage and extend flexibly . Professor Jing-jong Chen is a named professor in National Taiwan Normal University, department of Fine Arts. He created lots of art works, also being interested to educating, and taking the duty of passing on art by him-self. As a result, he has a main place in arts field. He is worthy to be respected due to his professional talent, the passion of guiding younger generation, and the devotion of spreading humanistic arts. In order to saving, lasting, and extending professor Chen's art works, the archive organization of Jing-jong Chen's Arts Culture and Education Foundation collaborated with the team made of by Department of Graphic Arts and Communications in NTNU on carrying out the program. It would combine with the setting up of website and the way of theme display content program. 2254 archives would be built in two years through the medium category of the archive storeroom; theme archives would set including music, traveling, arts and education; it also would build up systemized searching to conform the content in Chen Jing-jong digital fine arts museum. At the same time, the establishment of theme house would make the fine arts museum more abundant, and it is going to reach the goal of running the digital fine arts museum eternally.
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