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Title: 線上實作評量應用於文本電子書製作專業技術能力發展之研究
The Web-Based Assessment Applied to Development of Professional Competences on Producing Full-Text Ebooks
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Abstract: 隨著iPad、Kindle等行動閱讀載具在全球所掀起的數位閱讀熱潮,電子書已成為下一波出版的主流趨勢,然而電子書的設計,仍需保留原平面出版品的設計質感,再加上數位內容之特性、資訊服務的優勢,才能增加產品的價值。身處知識經濟的時代裡,全球化的衝擊、以及科技的進步,已對人才的培育帶來結構性的轉變,因此如何有策略、有系統的為數位內容產業培育具專業能力之未來之生力軍已是刻不容緩之務。在各界對數位出版人才之培育日益重視之際,本計畫透過發展符合數位內容產業需求之文本電子書專業技術實作評量,做為電子書製作課程評量之依據,期望能培育符合產業需求之專業電子書製作人才。研究者先前已陸續完成數位出版產業之能力發展與相關課程發展(NSC 99-2511-S- 003-012),並發現由於電子書製作關係著日後讀者易讀性與適讀性之問題,因此本次計畫接續先前之計畫成果,首先透過文獻及專家問卷審查之方式,分析文本電子書製作時所需之能力,做為線上實作評量之題庫內容,分為九大能力項目,35題測驗題目,可作為未來數位內容產業相關電子書製作能力培育之參考。接著透過系統開發,建構一套符合產業需求之電子書線上實作評量系統,進行實作評量發展與實施,以了解技職院校學生文本電子書製作能力表現情形,測驗結果顯示受試者以「工具面版操作能力」之表現最佳。並於最後調查受試者對線上評量系統之使用意願,研究發現使用者若個人電腦自我效能越佳,且認為線上評量系統是容易使用且是有用的,則其使用意願亦越高。
E-Books have become the next mainstream of publication. Nevertheless, the design of eBooks should retain the original quality of print publication and add in features of digital content and advantages of information service in order to increase the product value. Many universities and colleges have increased courses related to digital publication. Therefore, it is an urgent demand to strategically and systematically cultivate professionals for the digital content industry. While the public pays more and more attention to the talent cultivation of digital publication, this project expects to develop the performance assessment of expertise suitable for the digital content industry by realizing the standards regarding production competence of full-text eBooks in the digital content industry as the basis of producing eBooks, and helps cultivate professionals for the industry.The researcher has continually completed competence development and curriculum development of the digital publishing industry(NSC 99-2511-S-003-012), and discovered that the production of full-text eBooks would influence the relation between the legibility to readers and readability. In consequence, this two-year project will continue the former research and focus on standards regarding the text of eBooks as well as to proceed with the following research on the second stage.Through the literature review and expert questionnaire review, the study developed the content of the web-based performance assessment by analyzed the required competence of eBooks production. The competences can be categorized into 9items and 35 questions. This research will propose relevant suggestions for future talent training and as references to cultivation of producing eBooks in the digital content industry.And the research constructed a web-based performance assessment system to survey the competence performances of eBook production of technical and vocational college students , the result shows that ’tool operation competence’ gets the highest score.Finally, the research surveyed the usage intention of the participants. The research found that students who had higher computer self-efficacy and agree with the web-based assessment system is easy to use and useful, will promote their usage intention.
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