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Title: 以紅外線浮水印設計具AR影像顯示及音訊播放功能之互動式紙張載體
An Interactive Paper with Infrared Watermark to Display Augmented Reality (AR) and to Generate Audio Signal
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Abstract: 本研究利用紅外線浮水印技術,將資訊隱藏在實體紙張載體,在一般光源下,仍為可 供閱讀之正常書本,但以具偵測紅外線訊號的攝影機擷取其中之隱藏資訊,可利用擴 增實境(AR)的方式顯示互動之虛擬物件及與使用者互動發出音訊,以增強傳統書本無 法表達之3D 影像顯示及聲音播放。紅外線浮水印應用四色墨水在光譜頻率的光學特 性,以調幅及調頻混合網點加密技術,將資訊藏入紙張載體,在不同的光譜區段,呈 現不同的影像。本研究成果,將可大幅增進現有書本資訊的擴充能力,成為3D 顯示與 音訊播放的多媒體界面,為書本提供一個較佳的影音互動模式,且仍完全符合人類傳 統閱讀習慣的影像顯示裝置。
This project provides a method to design an interactive paper with infrared watermark to display augmented reality (AR) and generate audio signal. When people read the interactive paper with normal luminance, this paper is perceived like an ordinary paper. However, under infrared detection, people can not only read the content on the paper but also observe augmented virtual object as well as and listen audio signals in an interactive way. The infrared watermark is fabricated by hybrid halftone dots in consideration of the characteristics of ink materials. Since carbon black can absorb infrared light, the hidden watermark can be observed under infrared light. Using the proposed infrared watermark to hide the information, it can enhance the capability of information display in paper medium.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0304_04_015
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