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Title: 資訊呈現方式與文字/背景色彩組合影響醫療文宣說服力之研究
Researh on the Effects of Information Presenatation and Character/Background Color Combination on the Persuasiveness of Medical Information
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Abstract: 年輕人接種流感疫苗意願不高,本研究以網路流感疫苗宣傳橫幅為例,探討如何使他們「注意」宣傳資訊並「說服」其接種疫苗。本研究分三階段進行,第一階段探討如何透過訊息框架與色彩兩個因子提升宣傳的說服力;第二階段應用第一階段研究所得結論,實施完整的廣告設計流程,進行新的橫幅設計。第三階段比較新橫幅與國家委任製作的兩個橫幅,在吸引注意力與說服力的差異性。研究結果顯示受測者閱讀紅底白字失去型訊息框架的疫苗資訊後,表達較高的接種意願;本研究採用紅底白字失去型訊息框架的新橫幅設計在曝後回憶(post-exposure recall)和遮蔽回憶(masked recall)績效顯著優於現有橫幅,說服力亦有較佳的表現。建議未來流感疫苗宣傳應同時考量注意力與說服力,利用焦點團體探索族群特性,適性發展宣傳設計內容。本研究結論延伸出的相關涵義亦將於文中說明與探討。
Young people have relatively little motivation to participate in flu vaccination programs. This study explored the use of online banners promoting flu vaccination as a way to attract this population’s attention and persuade them to get vaccinated. The study was carried out in three stages. Stage I involved discussion of ways to enhance persuasiveness through message framing and color. Stage II applied the conclusions from Stage I to the design of a new banner. Stage III compared the new banner with two banners produced by national contractors, examining differences in their ability to draw attention and persuade their target audiences. Participants expressed higher interest in getting vaccinated after reading loss-framed vaccination information written in white on a red background. The new banner was more effective and more persuasive than existing banners as measured by a post-exposure recall test, a masked recall test, and a persuasiveness questionnaire. Future flu vaccination promotions should consider both attention and persuasion and should use focus groups to develop adequate promotional materials for different populations.
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