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Title: 行動化之創造力教學系統研究成果應用推廣
The Promotion of Research Result for the Mobilization of the Creativity Game-Based Teaching System
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2012
Abstract: 過往三年,經國科會補助探討數位遊戲對創造力的影響。數位遊戲具備了引發學童 創造力的特性,能讓學童產生心流經驗。因此,根據創造力教學策略與心流理論,配合 課程建置了一數位遊戲學習系統,用以提升學童創造力。以準實驗研究法探討數位遊戲 式學習教學與傳統課堂講授式教學分別對學童在創造力之影響。結果發現,相較於傳統 課堂教學,數位遊戲學習教學能有效地提升學童創造力。 本計畫將上述之研究成果應用將推廣至行動化載具平台,並發展商品化APP 並陳列 於熱門銷售平台以供購買安裝,以推廣科學教育研究成果為商品化之探究。
In the passing years, supported by the NSC, we studied the affection of the digital game-based learning to creativity. Digital game-based learning can raise the Flow experience by the characteristic of creativity. Thus, we developed a Digital Game-Based Learning system based on creativity teaching strategies and Flow theory. Compared with traditional classroom teaching, we analyzed and discussed the effect of creativity by using the digital game-based learning system. The result showed that compared to the traditional classroom teaching, Digital game-based learning raises students’ creativity. This project aims to port the proposed digital game-based learning system to mobile application platform. The outputs of the project are commercial application software that is exhibited in some popular platforms. The purpose of the project is to promote the research result of the science education.
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