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Title: 科技教育教學活動在行動學習環境下之實施
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2005
Abstract: 科技的進步不斷地改變人類的生活型態,進而也影響到教育與學習的方式。如今隨著第四波的資訊革新的先驅-手攜式(Handheld)電腦的日益普及,加上無線網路技術的日漸成熟,無所不在(Ubiquitous)的行動學習(Mobile learning, M-learning)已成為繼遠距學習、數位學習後逐漸受到重視的新時代學習趨勢。 本文利用科技教育教學活動的特性,結合行動學習環境的特色,設計出一運用行動學習策略的科技教育教學活動,並建構適合該行動學習策略的系統及相關工具。
The advances of technology change the way of human life constantly, and then it also influences the types of education and learning. Now with popularization of handheld computers treated as the forefront of the fourth wave in technology, and ubiquitous mobile learning has become a new trend of learning after the distance learning and e-learning. This paper presents a mobile learning activity and system of technology education by using the characteristics of technology education and mobile computing.
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