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Title: 通往「第三文化」之路:析論透過科技史教學以提昇人文素養的策略
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2005
Abstract: 本文從「人文」與「科技」的對立概念出發,旨在探討藉由「科技史」教學來調和與溝通二者對立的可能性。首先就「科技」與「人文」素養的意涵加以定義,而後探析「兩種文化」對立的相關議題與文獻。經由歸納所得,本文認為 STS 課程理念是消解「科技」與「人文」對立的可行途徑,是通往「第三文化」的橋樑,也應是科技史教學的取向依據。科技史教學的進一步發展可從「科學史」教學的相關論述借鑒。最後,本文提出科技教育運用「科技史」教學以提昇人文素養的策略及教學活動實例,期能有利於後續科技史教學活動教案的開發及教學成效的實證研究。
This article is set out from the opposite concept between “humanities” and “technology”. The main purpose focalizes on the possibility of according and communicating the oppositions through the integration of the history of technology into Technology curriculum, and also clarifies the definitions of “humanities” and “technology”. Then the related issues of “Two Culture” is discussed and analyzed. Moreover, this article argues that the rational of STS curriculum is a feasible approach to eliminate the opposition between “humanities” and “technology”, and to pave the way that leads to “Third Culture”. The approach based on the references of teaching “History of Science” is also according to the mindset of teaching “History of Technology”. Finally, this article proffers the strategies of Technology education which applying the “History of Science” teaching to promote and cultivate the humanistic literacy, and take the respect to facilitate the development of the learning activities of the “History of Technology” and to further positive researches on its teaching outcomes.
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