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Title: 從技術取向探討「九年一貫」國中生活科技課程
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 25-Oct-2003
Abstract: 知識社會的時代中,知識成長的速度使得知識的半衰期已大幅縮短,這樣的變動也促使我們對教育重新思考它的教學內涵與學生的學習方式,例如從傳統上所注重的「Know what」,到現在的以學生為主體所注重的「Know how」和「Know why」。本文即是針對這樣的觀點,來重新定位「九年一貫」國中階段的生活科技課程,並以技術學習取向來詮釋課程的內涵。本文所界定的技術學習包括:創新的知識、技術的知識、設計與模仿的知識、生產的知識,而其中的技術活動則在「不確定性、不穩定性、獨特性」中,由學生自我的體現及運用直覺、類比、隱喻等原則來處理這一「混沌」的過程。本文所強調的技術取向課程觀,即希望提供教師一個課程運用的模式,以技術的活動特質,進行技術活動的教學。
The rapid growth of knowledge in our society has caused educators to rethink the needed changes in learning content and learning approach in our education. In fact, the idea of learning has gradually changed the focus from "know what" to "know how" and "know way". The purpose of this paper to reexamine the feasibility of using technical approach to construct the nine-year comprehensive curriculum in Living Technology at junior high schools. The scope of the technical approach in this paper focus on: innovative knowledge, technical knowledge, design and simulative knowledge, and production knowledge. In conclusion, the technical approach is suggested to curriculum developer by a workable model in teaching Living Technology at junior high level in Taiwan.
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