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Title: 科技教育網路化學習環境建構:以「科技學習網」為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2002
Abstract: 今日的社會是一個高度科技化的社會,人們不斷地發展科技來改善人類的生活、也不斷地學習使用科技來適應生活,因此,瞭解科技的意義、原理,擁有基本的科技能力等,便成為科技社會下每一位公民所必備的基本素養,科技教育(Technology education)便是一種培養全民科技素養的一種素養教育。而以往科技教育大多在傳統教育環境下進行,例如:傳統的教室或實習工廠。如今隨著資訊技術的進步及網路化學習環境的成熟,科技教育如何利用相關的資訊技術在網路化的環境下實施,確實值得做進一步的實驗與探討。本研究旨在對於如何在網路化環境實施科技教育進行探討,以提出一個利用網路來進行科技教育的可行模式,再根據此一模式建構出以學習科技為主的網路化學習平台,並對專家與學生初步使用此平台後的評鑑結果進行探討。本研究初步獲得以下幾點研究成果:(1)本研究提供一可行的科技教育網路化學習模式;(2)本研究提供九年一貫課程之「自然與生活科技」領域一個可行的教學模式;(3)科技學習網提供一推廣全民科技素養教育之園地與參考架構;(4)科技學習網初步獲得使用者之肯定,但仍有可加強改進之地方。
As the importance of a sound technology education for students intheir teenage years of school become accepted at a global level, thereis increasing interest in the need to start learning technology at anearlier age. Furthermore, as the use of World Wide Web also goes intothe classroom, more and more school teachers and students are willingto use this media for learning. This paper is to develop a possibletechnology learning model in a web-based learning environment. Thepaper starts from analyzing the field of technology education by itslearning strategies (MST and problem-based learning) and examining theadvantages of learning in a web-based environment. Furthermore, thedescription of building up a web-based instruction model is presentedto help students better understanding the nature of technology. Theresults of this study includes: (1) a web-based learning model forlearning technology is well developed, (2) this learning model aresuitable for nine-years coherence curriculum, (3) the web-basedlearning model provides a profound resources for learningtechnological literacy, and (4) improvement is needed to increase thefeasibility for learners.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0204_02_023
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