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Title: 國中學生科技態度量表之發展
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立高雄師範大學
Abstract: 科技不斷的演進與發展,其對於人類所帶來的影響並非只有正面的貢獻,也造成了許多負面的影響。因此,如何引導學生具備正確的科技態度,便成為當前科技教育課程設計者所必須考量的重要因素。本研究主要在發展適合用以測量我國國中學生的科技態度量表,藉此瞭解國中生的科技態度,俾有助於科技教育的課程設計。研究者主要利用文獻探討與專家審查以編製出科技態度量表初稿,並以臺灣北中南東四個區域與其學校數比例隨機抽取預試對象,總計發放問卷1437份,回收有效問卷1126份,有效回收率為78%。透過項目分析、因素分析及信、效度考驗,發現量表各題目分數的常態分布情形相當穩定,而因素分析之結果亦將量表建構為「科技的學習」、「科技的興趣」、「科技的困擾」、「科技的貢獻」與「科技的生活」等五個層面。此外,本量表的Cronbach α值為0.930,應屬高信度水準,且五個層面的信度係數亦在0.758~0.826之間,亦屬於合理的信度範圍,而量表題目的因素負荷量都在0.45以上,可以滿足建構量表的效度水準。此外,本研究亦以國外的「學童的科技態度量表」為效標參照指標,結果顯示兩量表之間各層面均達到中、高度相關情形,故本研究所發展之科技態度量表,可有效的測量我國國中學生的科技態度、及提供發展科技教育課程之重要參考工具。
With the development and evolution in technology, it brings not only the positive contributions, but also negative effects. Therefore, how to develop junior high school students' attitude toward technology correctly becomes a major issue in developing curriculum in technology education. The purpose of this study focused on developing attitude toward technology scale (ATTS) for junior high school students in Taiwan. Literature review and professional review were employed to develop a draft of ATTS. The draft of ATTS mailed to a total of 1437 students were selected by stratified radom sampling, and 1126 valid questionnaires were sent back with a return rate of 78%. After item analysis, factor analysis, and the test of reliability and validity, the final version of ATTS was developed with 37 items in five dimensions. The Cronbach α value of ATTS in 0.930 and the reliability in these five levels in all between 0.758~0.826. The factor loading in all items of ATTS is beyond 0.45, which meets the criteria of a scale. Furthermore, the correlation of ATTS and pupils' attitude toward technology (PATT) reaches the significant level. In sum, ATTS can be used in evaluating the junior high school students' attitude toward technology in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1021-4542
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