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Title: 就業與未就業慢性精神障礙者活動參與之現況:以國際健康功能與身心障礙分類系統來探討
The Difference in Activity Participation between Employed and Unemployed Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學復健諮商研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2011
Publisher: 中華心理衛生學會
Abstract: 本研究以國際健康功能與身心障礙分類系統(International Classificationof Functioning, disability, and Health,簡稱ICF)為架構探討慢性精神障礙者的活動參與現況,進而比較就業與未就業精神障礙者在活動參與的差異。研究方法:研究者參考ICF架構自編問卷調查慢性精神障礙者之活動參與程度及其感受到的困難程度。研究結果:慢性精神障礙者的性別和診斷對其活動參與現況與感受到的困難程度並無顯著差異,但具有專科/大學以上學歷和中度精神障礙者活動參與程度較高;在活動參與現況中以學習與應用知識領域活動參與程度最高,主要生活領域活動參與程度最低;在感受困難程度上,以參與主要生活領域感受困難程度最高,以參與一般任務與需求、行動、自我照顧、人際互動與關係及溝通等活動時感受困難程度較低。而就業較未就業慢性精神障礙者在各活動參與程度均高,並對活動參與較少感受到困難。活動參與程度和感受到的困難程度呈中度負相關。研究結論:建議慢性精神障礙者復健時,應增加社區生活的參與、增加溝通與人際關係互動的機會,並儘可能維持就業狀態,使生活更為健康。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the difference in activity participation between employed and unemployed persons with chronic psychiatric disabilities in Taiwan. Methods: We used a self-designed questionnaire based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) framework to collect data. Results: The results indicated that gender and diagnosis did not significantly impact the level of participation in activities or the degree of perceived difficulty for persons with psychiatric disabilities. However, those persons with psychiatric disabilities who had graduated from college participated in more activities than those without college degrees. In addition, persons with psychiatric disabilities who were employed participated in significantly more activities than those who were unemployed. The level of participation in activities and the degree of perceived difficulty were significantly negative correlated. Conclusions: Vocational rehabilitation practitioners should provide more opportunities for persons with psychiatric disabilities to participate in community life to enhance communication and social interaction skills and to find productive employment in order to gain a meaningful life.
ISSN: 1023-7283
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A1103_01_014
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