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Title: 於網路合作學習系統中導入適性輔助設計以促進國小學童進行有效互動之研究 (2/3)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Chiu, Chiung-Hui
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2008
Abstract: 本計畫的主要目的在依據國小學童於網路合作學習時互動特徵的差異,包括little-contribution、coordination- emphasizing、communicative和task work-oriented,探討如何導入適性的輔助及介入。本計畫分三個階段,以三年時間完成,每個階段針對特定互動類型學生族群,透過知識擷取技術,探討適合的介入策略,檢討介入策略的成效,並思考網路合作學習系統上可能的設計。本計劃第一階段以「提升little-contribution學習者的參與度」為目標。目前進行至第二階段,希望增加coordination-emphasizing學習者與知識相關的討論。
It was found that elementary students, while participating in computer mediated group learning, would exhibit distinct interactive styles: little-contribution, coordination-emphasizing, communicative and task work-oriented. This research project is to investigate how to adaptively facilitate different students to become effective in computer mediated collaboration. This project started from last year and will continue until next year. One or two types of students are concerned each year. The study last year targeted on improving little-contribution students’’ participation. During this year the emphasis is on coordination-emphasizing students and how to increase their knowledge related discussions.
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