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Title: 視覺化回饋對國小學童進行線上合作論證的效益初探
A preliminary study on the effects of visualizing argumentation quality on the elementary student in computer-supported collaborative argumentation
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2010
Abstract: 本研究以一準實驗設計探討論證品質視覺化對國小學童進行線上論證活動的影響。本研究由台北縣一所國小一個班級 25 位六年級學生參與,線上論證活動包含兩個主題、為期兩週,其中隨機分派的 13 位學生為實驗組,學生送出一個論述後的隔天便會收到有關其論證品質的視覺化回饋;其餘 12 位學生為控制組,在活動過程中,不會接收到任何的介入或干擾。研究結果顯示視覺化回饋對於學生進行線上論證及發展論證能力應有值得期待的影響力。
This study explored the effects of visualizing argument quality on elementary students in online argumentation. It was hypothesized that visualization of student’s argument quality could contribute to successful argumentation. An argumentation environment was augmented with a visualization tool (VT). The VT visualized the quality of arguments contributed by each student. Using a posttest-only design with a treatment (N = 13) and a control group (N = 12), it was examined whether students with access to the VT generated arguments with higher quality. The results show that the VT has a promising impact for students to learn argumentation and develop argumentative skills.
ISBN: 978-986-023-264-6
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0907_02_016
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