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Title: 以實驗策略增進學生對資訊科學概念瞭解之研究─子計畫III:以實驗策略增進學生對演算法與資料結構重要概念的瞭解(I)
A Laboratory-Based Approach to Enhancing Students Understanding of Important Algorithm/Data-Structure Concepts (I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Wu, Cheng-Chih
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2003
Abstract: 計畫的主要目的是設計實驗活動及視覺化輔助學習工具,供高中生學習「演算法及資料結構」的重要觀念。計畫第一年的重點是需求分析與雛形工具的發展,第二年是實驗活動的設計及輔助學習工具的完成及試用評估,第三年的重點則是實驗活動及工具的修改與擴充,並進行正式的使用效益評估。本年度(第一年)目前已完成二個模擬軟體雛形(SimSort 及 SimDS)的設計,並設計了九個實驗活動,正分別於二所高中試用。SimSort 是藉由資料排序的活動,引導學生瞭解演算法的概念。SimDS 則是藉由陣列及二元樹的搜尋及插入資料,讓學生瞭解資料結構的概念。此二模擬軟體除了提供演算法的動畫展示外,並讓學生以:移動指標、比較資料(compare)、交換資料(swap)、及複製資料(assign)等操作,操弄陣列及二元樹中的資料,使學生得以構思及驗證自己的演算法;並藉由觀察演算法執行時資料比較及交換次數,比較不同演算法及資料結構的效率。
The main purpose of this project is to conduct laboratory-based learning of algorithms and data structures concepts among high school students and to exam effectiveness of such approach. This project is a three yearlong project. The objective of the first year is to develop prototypes of necessary software tools. The second year will develop a complete lab package and a pilot test of the lab package will be conducted. The third year will have the lab package revised/expanded, and field experiments of the laboratory-based approach will be carried out to evaluate its effectiveness. This year (the 1st year) we have developed two prototypes of simulation software, namely SimSort and SimDS, along with 9 units of lab activity. SimSort helps students understand the concept of algorithms through sorting array data. While SimDS let students experiment data structures concept via comparing searching/inserting data in both arrays and trees. The Observation mode of the software is similar to the traditional approach of tracing an algorithm through animation. The Hands-on mode, on the other hand, offers students opportunities to try out their own algorithms by manipulating array/tree data structure with move(pointers), compare, swap, and assign operations. Students can easily compare the time complexity of different algorithms/data-structures by observing the number of comparison operation executed by each algorithm.
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