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Title: 國中教師電腦知能學習研究─社會科(3/3)
Enhancing Junior High School Social Studies Teachers' Computer Proficiency(3/3)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Wu, Cheng-Chih
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2002
Abstract: 本計畫為整合型計畫「國中教師電腦知能學習研究」中的一個子計畫,計畫分三年進行,第三年計畫的主要目的是探討以教材製作為主的教師訓練模式,其促進社會科教師資訊科技融入教學知能的成效;並以兩位國中地理教師為個案,瞭解教師教學信念對資訊科技融入教學活動實施之影響。本研究藉由座談會、問卷、教師訪談、及教材製作與教學實施的觀察蒐集相關資料。研究發現參予計劃的社會科教師,經由資訊科技融入教材的製作與教學實踐後,獲得了經驗的累積、學生正面的回應、以及同儕教師的支援和鼓勵,其運用資訊科技的自我效能信念得以大幅增進。此外,兩位個案教師運用資訊科技的方式受到其教學信念的影響。抱持傳統教學信念的個案教師,資訊科技的應用採取教師講述方式,內容以教科書中的材料為主;而重視培養學生問題解決能力的個案教師,則常實施應用資訊科技的合作學習活動,並藉由資訊科技工具的協助補充授課內容。
The objective of this three-year project is to enhance Social Studies teachers’ computer proficiency. The purposes of this year (the 3rd year) are to evaluate the effectiveness of a material development teacher training approach, and to investigate the relationship between teacher’s beliefs and teaching with ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Data collected and analyzed in the study include teachers’ self-developed ICT teaching materials, teaching videotapes, in-class observatios, questionnaires answered by teachers and students, interviews with teachers, and the researchers’journals. The results revealed that the material development approach improved teachers’ computer proficiency, and the perceived self-efficacy about using ICT in instruction of the teachers was gradually established through the process of realizing ICT integration. In addition, the way the teachers use ICT was affected by their beliefs in instruction. Finally, ICT helped the teachers realize instruction that they considered impossible in the past.
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