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Title: 國中教師電腦知能學習研究─社會科(2/3)
Enhancing Junior High School Social Studies Teachers' Computer Proficiency(2/3)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Wu, Cheng-Chih
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2001
Abstract: 本計畫為整合型計畫「國中教師電腦知能學習研究」中的一個子計畫,計畫分三年進行,第二年計畫的主要目的是評估大學與國中合作促進電腦融入社會科教學的成效,並以個案研究瞭解影響教師使用電腦於教學的因素。本研究以國中—大學合作的方式進行,並藉由座談會、問卷、教師訪談、及教材製作與教學實施的觀察來蒐集相關資料。研究發現國中—大學合作模式確能達到專業互補之效,而合作過程中某些教師因教材製作之額外工作負擔而退出,但某些持續參與教師則顯著提升了應用電腦教學的知能。本研究觀察之個案教師在電腦操作技能及應用電腦教學上皆有明顯成長,成長之主要因素在於教材製作與課堂教學經驗的累積,大學研究人員的協助,與同儕教師觀摩互動;遭遇到的困難則以教師課餘時間有限和教室中硬體設施使用不便為最。
Discussion forum, computer training sessions, questionnaire survey, instructional materials development, and field teaching were organized for the participating teachers in order to collect research data. It was found that the partnership was helpful in promoting the teachers to create and to use computer integrated materials in the school. The experience of creating and using computer materials as well as interacting with colleagues also made the case teacher become more confident in technology integration. Extra time/efforts needed for teachers and inconvenient physical in of the school are the main obstacles in implementing technology integration.
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