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Title: 運用行動載具於形成性即時評量---以高中數學幾何教學為例(II)
Application of a Handheld Device on Formative Evaluation --- An Example of Geometric Teaching for Senior High School (II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2007
Abstract: 行動載具是未來資訊科技融入教學的最具潛力工具。而即時形成性評量是行動載具能夠發揮其優勢的最佳教學任務之一。然而,要讓行動載具能真正在教室中發揮形成性評量的功能,需要有適當的介面以制訂評量程序和內容,並且需要配套的教學工具來做為評量後的輔助教學工具。根據上述需要,本研究的目的有三:一為建立一個可以由教師依據個人需要,彈性制訂評量程序和評量內容的形成性評量系統。二,依據高中生目前學習幾何的困難,設計適當的幾何模擬軟體作為補救教學的工具。三,探討整合行動載具,形成性評量軟體和幾何模擬軟體,以進行適性補救教學的可能性。
Handheld devices are the most potential tools for incorporating technologies into instruction. Meanwhile, classroom real-time formative assessment is one of the best tasks to exploit the power of handheld devices. In order to fulfill the potential of handheld devices in formative assessment, teachers need software for conducting assessment activities and tools for the compensatory teaching after assessment. Based on the above facts, we set our objects of this project as: 1. implementing the real-time formative assessment system for teachers’flexible assessment activities according to their own needs. 2. Designing and implementing the simulation system for senior high school students; learning of 2-D and 3-D geometrical concepts. 3. Investigating the methods for integrating handheld devices, formative assessment software, and simulation system to implement adaptive compensatory teaching for geometry.
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