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Title: 網路適性閱讀環境的建立與應用---總計畫(I)
The Implementation and Application of an Online Adaptive Reading Environment (I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2003
Abstract: 有鑑於目前網際科技無法滿足提昇語文素養的需求,以及適性閱讀教學環境對於滿足此種需求的可行性與重要性,本計劃的總體目標為從教學設計的觀點,整合教學設計中教材設計、教學策略、和教學評量的理念與方法,建立一個在網路上具有適當閱讀材料設計介面、適性的閱讀介入策略、以及適切的閱讀技能評估方法的網路閱讀環境,以期在未來的一般網路環境或教學情境中,發揮網路提昇語文能力的功能。而欲達成此一目的,有賴資訊科技學者,心理學者和語文教學者的密切合作。
Because Internet technology cannot satisfy the requirement of promoting the abilities of reading and adaptive reading can improve students’ reading skills, the proposal aims to design an on-line reading system at the viewpoint of instructional design. We will integrate teaching material design, teaching strategies, and evaluation methodologies into the proposed system. The proposed system provides some functions to design teaching material on the web, to practice reading activities by some strategies, and to evaluate students’ learning. The system also provides adaptive function in order to establish an environment with personalized learning. For implementing the system, we invited different researchers with different backgrounds, such as computer science, psychology, language teachers, and learning technology.
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