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Title: 國中藝能科教師電腦知能學習研究
Enhancing Junior High School Art, Music and Home Economics Teachers' Computer Proficiency
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2000
Abstract: 本研究第一年的目標在於建立可用來協助藝能科教師建構資訊科技知能(ITProficiency)之線上教學模組(onlineteaching module)的原(雛)型。為達到研究目標,我們和國中的三位美術教師及三位音樂教師合作。經由提供設備、晤談、展示、提供基本訓練、及請校長和主任協助等方式,研究的基本環境才成型。目前大致了解模組的設計型式,網站仍架設中。對教師專業發展這個領域的整體理念較缺,導致不易確定如何將資訊科技知能整合到教師專業發展中。
The objective of this first year project was todevelop prototypes of online teachingmodules for the purpose of enhancing Musicand Art teachers’ information andcommunication technology (ICT or IT)proficiency (they do have some sort ofcompetency, but those competency mightnot be proficient). Through partnering withthree music teachers and three art teachers,and via the help from the principal and theacademic director, we have gained someprinciples for designing the online teaching modules.
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