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Title: 學生知識診斷、矯治與學習系統之研究:多案例多人物的電腦化學習
Computer-Based Learning with Multi-Cases and Multi- Characters
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所;國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Aug-1994
Abstract: 這個研究原是整體研究計畫中的子計畫,且是第一年的研究計畫,研究的目的在於整合案例學習的有關研究,建立案例式教材的編寫模式,及發展書面式及電腦化案例式教材的一些基本實例,期能在以後的研究中真正研究電腦化案例學習環境(整體研究計畫已撤銷)。這個研究從案例式教學的發展、案例知識的理論基礎、及相關領域的研究探討相關文獻,依據文獻提出案例式教材編寫的模式與編寫案例式教材的原則,再依據模式與原則發展案例式教材雛型實例,最後設計電腦化案例教材。這個研究提出兩個案例式教材的編寫模式(網路型案例圖模式與堆疊型案例圖模式),並依據此兩個模式提出兩種案例式教材(故事型案例教材與問題型案例教材)。 在案例式教材雛型實例方面,以電腦網路為主題。發展了八個故事型案例教材與八個問題型案例教材。這個研究嘗試設計電腦化案例教材。書面式案例教材的學習軌跡傾向於直線型式,學生讀書面式案例教材會將一個個案例累積到記憶中,電腦化案例教材可呈現非直線型的學習軌跡,即電腦化案例教材的學習較有彈性,讓學生上下左右的游走,選取合適的案例進行學習,以建立網路型的知識架構。後續的研究應提出案例式學習理念,及提出更佳的電腦化案例教材實例,以建立真正實用的電腦輔助學習研究設計領域。
This study was originally one of the first year projects in a group research project. That group project was canceled before this study was finished. This study intends to integrate related case-based literature, to find out appropriate design models or principles, and to apply those design principles to develop some computer-based case materials. The long term goal is to have computer-assisted case learning environments based upon the rationale of case-based learning theory. This study reviewed Schank's and Kolodner's case-based reasoning theory and examples, Linn's case approaches for programming learning, and case approaches for educating teaching knowledge to prospective teachers. Network-oriented case material design model and Stack-oriented case material design model were proposed to be used to develop case materials. A computer-assisted case material was developed. Further studies should focus upon the creation of a case-based learning theory, the design of some more integrated computer-assisted case materials, and the construction of a new computer-assisted case learning research field.
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