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Title: 社區大學核心理念實踐之探究與檢證
Examining the Core Ideas Practiced in Taiwan's Community Universities
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2009
Publisher: 高等教育出版公司
Abstract: 「社區大學」的校心理念從黃武雄所提出的尋求知識解放、建構公民社會發展迄今已逾 10 年,且其過程已經產生異質化的危機,是以,本研究擬針對核心理念的意義與範圍,以及其在實踐上的現況與問題進行探討,並提出改善社區大學發展之建議,在以質的訪談為方法,訪問六位社區大學之倡導者和實務工作者之後,得到四項研究結論: 一、對社區大學校心理念的看法。 二、對知識解放及其實踐的看法。 三、對公民社會及其實踐的看法。 四、核心理念實踐的困境與改善之道。 至於本研究的建議則有五項: 一、重塑社區大學的核心理念。 二、修正社區大學的課程分類構想。 三、研發指導社區大學發展的模式和架構。 四、改善社區大學的評鑑方式。 五、提升社區大學的研究發展能力。
Community universities in Taiwan have been found by the core ideas of knowledge liberating and building civil society and have developed over ten years. In the periods of the developing time, some of the community universities have been distorted by the people who involved in and the problem should be taken seriously. The purpose of this study is to clarify the core ideas of community universities and exploring the practice and problems in these sectors. The method of this study is interview technique and six people who involved in community universities are interviewed. The conclusions of this study are as follows: 1) Clarifying the contents of the core ideas of community universities. 2) Identifying the knowledge liberating and its development in community universities. 3) Identifying building civil society and its development in community universities. 4) Some problems about the community universities are probed and solutions are proposed.
ISSN: 1680-2004
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