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Title: 我國社區學院的定位與規劃建議
On the Development of Community College in Taiwan
Other Titles: It's Position and Planning
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1999
Publisher: 國立中正大學成人及繼續教育研究所
Abstract: 本文擬透過社區學院相關制度與理念的探討,找出世界各國社區學院的參考模式 ,並以我國目前社區學院與社區大學兩種教育改革的理想與方案構想為分析、比較的基礎, 提出我國社區學院的定位和規畫方向。   本文第一部份係針對世界主要國家社區學院的發展模式進行初步的比較探討,以找出社 區學院的共通特點與參考模式。第二部份分析目前有關我國社區學院的兩股重要理念與運動 ,作為思考我國社區學院發展方向的基礎。第三部份主要在分析社區學院的哲學基礎,並指 出我國社區學院的功能與目標,作為我國社區學院定位的依據。第四部份則針對我國目前教 育與社會內外環境的有利或不利因素進行影響評估,以作為推動我國社區學院的思考策略, 並提出規畫設置我國社區學院的建議。
The comprehensive two-year college model has been emulated widely and integrated into the educational systems of more and more countries around the world during the past three decades. Taiwan is now taking more aggressive actions in educational reform, especially on higher education and adult education. The issues of community college models--namely to be "community college" or to be "community university" have been discussed until now. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and compare the two approaches of community college movement currently in Taiwan. One is the community college model by official ideas and the other is the community university model by civil ideas. Philosophical foundations, goals and functions of community college hereby are also discussed. After exploring both the beneficial and non-beneficial environments, the strategies in building community college model in Taiwan are presented.
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