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Title: 一位開心手術患孩母親的壓力源及因應行為
Stressors and Adjusting Behavior of a Mother of an Open Heart Surgery Child
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2004
Publisher: 財團法人長庚紀念醫院
Abstract: 本文是探討一位母親,得知女兒罹患法洛式四合群症合併肺高壓,經過患孩接受開心手術後在加護病房期間,母親所感受的壓力及調適行為。筆者在90年2月22日至90年4月19日照護患孩期間,藉著母親來探視的接觸觀察,完成互動過程記錄共7篇,就紀錄內容加以整理分析,歸納出母親所感受到的壓力源有二方面:來自患孩方面的壓力源(手術的衝擊、擔心患孩的治療過程及癒後情形、與期望不符合的失落) ,來自母親本身的壓力源(其他子女照顧壓力、社會刻板印象的壓力、經濟的壓力) 。母親藉處理自己的負向情緒、尋求相關資源、運用家庭支持系統、醫護人員支持系統、尋求宗教信仰等五類行為來達成調適。筆者於護理過程中,主動提供開心手術後相關照護資訊,幫助母親調適渡過。分享此護理經驗可提供此類個案照護之參考,進而提昇照護品質。
The purpose of this paper was to share the nursing experience of a mother whose daughter suffered Fallot's Tetrad and pulmonary hypertension. The mother perceived the stress and generated adjusting behaviors when her daughter received open heart surgery and stayed at the intensive care unit during the 22th of February to the 19th of April in 2001. Data was collected by 7 interactions with the mother. The first stressor was from the patient, including the impact of surgery, worry about treatment and prognosis, and disappointing feeling. The second stressor was from the mother herself, including caring of other children, social stereo-type, and financial problem. A nursing intervention plan was designed focusing on health education about the surgery and provision of spiritual support. This nursing experience provided nurses a reference for taking care of similar patient and their family.
ISSN: 1026-7301
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0509_01_012
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