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Title: 兩岸社會企業發展策略之研究
On the Strategy of Social Enterprises in Cross-Strait Relation
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 近年來歐美福利國日趨嚴重,為進一步推動福利國的改革,歐美各國逐漸出現兼具非營利組織與企業混合特質的社會企業,惟此種新型態組織欠缺被廣泛接受的界定方式,故造成研究與應用上的困擾;再者,社會企業亦為大陸的發展新趨勢,並希望借鏡台灣經驗,惟台灣社會企業的發展經驗,仍須進一步的經驗研究。緣此,本研究之目的在於釐清台灣社會企業的發展經驗,進而進行兩岸比較研究,如此才能深化社會企業的研究。 本研究為二年期的研究計畫,第一年以台灣社會企業發展經驗為主,首先檢視歐美發展經驗,據以審視台灣社會企業的發展全貌,第二年則關注兩岸社會企業的比較研究;具體而言,第一年計畫之研究問題包含:(1)此種混合組織的操作化定義到底為何?(2)此種新型態組織具備哪些特質?(3)台灣社會企業的發展經驗為何?而第二年計畫之研究問題包含:(1)大陸社會企業的發展現況為何?(2)兩岸社會企業發展有何貢獻?(3)兩岸社會企業的未來發展性為何? 依據初步的文獻檢閱,本研究認為社會企業可以細分成商業化、社會企業精神、企業社會責任,及社會合作社四種類型,而就研究方法而言,主要採取質化的研究方法,包含文獻分析法、深度訪談法、焦點團體法、蹲點法,及比較研究法。
Social enterprises are concepts that have only recently come into common or official use, however, they have no widely accepted definition, nor any precise set of specific characteristics. Meanwhile, social enterprises have naturally raised the question of how far the social enterprises can help to meet the challenges for increasing interaction in cross-strait relation. Therefore, the framework and strategy of social enterprises become a important research issue., This is two-year plan. First year is focused on present an initial attempt to outline a framework of social enterprises in Taiwan, including: (1)what are the working definition in the mixed organization?(2)what are the actual specific characteristics of social enterprises?(3)what are the strategy of social enterprise in Taiwan? Second year is focused on providing strategy by comparing the different strategy of social enterprises in cross-strait relation, including: (1)what are the concept and development of social enterprises in China? (2)what do social enterprises contribute in cross-strait relation?(3)what are the future prospects for social enterprises in cross-strait relation? By the way, commercialization, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and social cooperative are obtaining about social enterprises.
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