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Title: 中文媒體夾用英文之臺灣現象:以1951-2004年的聯合報為例
English-Mandarin Code Mixing in Taiwan's Media---A Study on the United Daily, 1951-2004
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2005
Publisher: 中國文化大學新聞暨傳播學院
Abstract: 本文以1951-2004 年「聯合報」的標題為代表,探討中文媒體夾用英語的情形,包括直接以英語呈現的字彙及片語,以及借用英語語音所形成的中文詞彙。文章首先分析相關文獻,包括社會語言學、媒體語言的探討、語言夾用的定義及所具有的社會文化意涵。文獻分析顯示了幾個問題尚待探究。針對這些問題,本文分析並計算所蒐集之報紙標題夾用英語的次數,而發現:(1)報紙自1990 年代開始增加對英語的夾用,增加的趨勢引人注目,尤其2000-2004 各年的次數更為1990 年代各年次數的數倍;(2)就詞性功能而言,報紙最常夾用名詞,之後為形容詞及動詞;(3)形容詞以及同時混用中英文的表達方式,自1990年代開始明顯增加。本文認為,呼應社會及文化的變遷(特別是對於時尚流行、電腦科技、西方生活型態之日益重視)而吸引讀者的注意,似乎是報紙夾用語言的主因。本文最後指出中文報紙夾用英語的情形應會持續增加,並提出建議供後續研究參考。
This paper aims to explore English words and phrases, as well as Mandarin expressions borrowed from English pronunciations, that are mixed in Mandarin newspapers, using the headlines of the United Daily from 1951 to 2004 as examples. The paper begins with a review of the literature concerning Sociolinguistics and its focus on media, and the definition of code-mixing as well as social and cultural implications. The review raises several issues for further research in this area. Responding to the issues, the analysis of headlines collected and the calculations of recurrences show that: (1) there has been a dramatic increase of code mixings in the corpus since the 1990's, with a multiple amount in the 21st century compared to much fewer in the 1990's; (2) noun phrases are the major syntactic category where code-mixing takes place, followed by adjective phrases and verb phrases; (3) adjective phrases, and expressions combined with both English and Mandarin have been noticeably amplifying since the 1990's. It is argued that attracting readers' attention by resonating social and cultural changes (in particular, increasing focus on fashion, computer technology, and western lifestyles) seems to be one of the major reasons that lead to the occurrences of code mixing in newspapers. Finally, issues for further research are put forward, this paper concludes that the growing use of English mixings into Mandarin in newspapers may be expected in the future.
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