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Title: 以整全實踐典範開展綠色實踐社群之深度對話與群體創生-公眾參與科技實踐的新典範
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究計劃將探討的綠色科技與人文之識建構和整全實踐,其所根基的生命整體觀與健康整全觀乃以人類之間、人與土地環境之間、以及人與其他物種之間的倫理實踐為核心,藉由綠色實踐社群社群所創造的參與、對話、行動、反省、實踐的學習體驗,這幾個層次的整全實踐也將與知識的整合得以充份結合。 本研究將融合整全理論與深度對話理論探討綠色實踐社群之網絡創生歷程及集體智慧實踐。本研究期望探討參與本研究計劃之綠色實踐社群如何從學習型社群邁向整全實踐社群,以及如何以綠色實踐社群社群為基礎開展更廣的自組織及自創生之社群網絡,並進一步以自組創生之整全實踐網絡推展有利整全健康之公共政策。 本研究為兩年期之研究計劃,所運用之研究方法包括個案研究、世界咖啡館整全設計、世界咖啡館深度對話引導、文本分析以及理論建構。兩年的研究問題分別為:(一) 綠色實踐社群領導者為何投入綠色生活的實踐?有何召喚與願景?(二) 綠色實踐社群領導者如何帶領社群穿越挑戰,創造內在生命的英雄旅程?(三) 綠色實踐社群領導者與生活實踐者可以如何喚起社會公眾的熱情和參與?(四) 綠色實踐社群領導者與生活實踐者可以如何有力地連結創生及群我實現? 兩年之研究期程期望能達到以下幾個研究任務與目標:(一)綠色實踐社群「社群領導者」之活動方案設計的文本分析、生命轉化歷程分析和整全實踐模式分析。(二)綠色實踐社群「社群團隊」之團隊參與式方案之文本分析、「社群團隊」之生命轉化歷程分析和「社群團隊」之整全實踐模式分析。(三)綠色實踐社群「跨社群創生網絡」之網絡生命創生歷程分析、「社群創生網絡」之共同文化建構圖像、「社群創生網絡」之公共政策參與及倡議和「整全實踐」中型理論之建構。
The wholeness perspective of human life and health is based on the praxis of ethics among human beings, earth, and any other life forms. Through participation, dialogue, action, reflection and praxis, the wholeness/integrative wellness communities could guide their leaders, participants, supporters and learners into the realm of wholeness praxis.The project will integrate wholeness systems theories and deep dialogue theories, which are applied to inquire the generative networking process and collective wisdom praxis of Integral Wellness Communities. There are three main research issues to be inquired in depth, which is listed below:1. How do the learning communities transform into wholeness praxis communities?2. How do the wholeness/integral wellness communities construct their network and become the generative and self-organized communities?3. How does such a generative, self-organized big community exert its influence on public policies?The 2-year project will apply integrative research approach, the research methodologies and strategies include action research, whole systems design of world café;, and integral design of the deep dialogue in world café;, textual analysis and theory construction. The main research tasks to be undertaken include the following: 1. Textual analysis of the community leaders’ program design, and their life transformation analysis and wholeness praxis analysis.2. Textual analysis of the community’s program design, and their life transformation analysis and wholeness praxis analysis.3. The generative networking process of the communities, the vision of common culture of the communities, and the public policy participation and advocacy for framing a macro-theory of wholeness praxis.
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